Gymnastics and exercise therapy for lumbar osteochondrosis

Gymnastics when lumbar osteochondrosis is used in chronic low back pain. Acute pain requires medication or novocaine blockades. Physical therapy for back pain ("lumbago") is impossible because of the limited mobility of the spine.

Chronic pain does not require injections of pain medication. With fortified muscle skeletal frame of the back muscles will support the spine in the correct position. This condition prevents displacement of vertebras and pinched nerves. To normalize tone of muscle fibers recommend the use of kinesitherapy on Bubnovskiy. In practice, this method is very effective. Its advantage is that in addition to the muscles during exercise train ligaments and tendons.

gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the lumbar

This exercises for lumbar osteochondrosis eliminates samoupravljanje muscles when sitting and walking. Consider the principles of kinesitherapy.

Basic principles of implementation

Exercises for lower back begins with minor physical exertion. Their intensity increases gradually. For 2 weeks in the absence of pain, you can increase the tension of skeletal muscle to maximum performance.

Physiotherapy involves performing physical therapy with little pain. Initially, the exercises do not take much time – enough classes for 15-20 minutes. When painful sensations disappear, you can connect weight training. The load shall be appointed by the doctor after careful assessment of respiratory and cardio-vascular systems.

The Basic principles of charging in degeneration of the spine:

  • In the initial stages of the necessary heat treatments;
  • Turpentine baths, Finnish and Russian baths normalize blood flow and relaxes the skeletal muscles;
  • physiotherapy in the specialized exercise equipment helps to eliminate inflammation;
  • Create unloading bed;
  • within 2-3 days perform light exercise the most;
  • For the past 2 weeks should reinforce the muscle groups;
  • Extension the traffic in the first place is performed by connecting the area of damage;
  • Additional load will enhance the stretching and relaxing
  • In the initial stages is applied punctuative using Pacer;
  • In the home can be applied to the back of the heater;
  • In medical institutions may conduct physiotherapy and massage
  • With long-term pain syndrome should make an injection of anesthetic;
  • Prevention of relapse with use of medical procedures is carried out 1 time per week;
  • After the disappearance of pain is assigned to long-term prevention.


Physiotherapy in lumbar osteochondrosis by Bubnovsky helps prevent chronic pain in the back. Is the essence of kinesitherapy in the rehabilitation and the overcoming of helplessness. By return of lost function back and restore behavioral stereotype.

for the following procedures is the focus on the mandatory implementation of the rules that must follow directly behind the contraction. To control relaxation should be applied psychotherapeutic relaxation. A significant role at the stage of preparation to perform medical procedures plays an extreme temperature contrast and globalnature.

Balneotherapy operates on the principle of the Russian bath and involves a combination of wet steam with thermal treatments.

With the defeat of the lumbosacral spine, the patient should choose the optimal mode of physical activity. For these purposes should be conducted daily classes taking into account the desired amplitude and strength exercise.

For the formation of a power load, you can use the simulators:

  1. to Move around on your knees with support on hand;
  2. Lift feet up, lying on his back for relief of the lumbar-sacral spine;
  3. If there is pain, lift up each leg in turn. Enough 20 repetitions a 10-15 approaches.

therapeutic exercise for lumbar degenerative disc diseaseBend your legs at the knees, lying on your back, and put them on the table. On the inhale, elbows touch the knees. Challenge workout – tear off from the floor of the scapula. Press the chest to the chin. Repeat the exercise from 20 to 80 times depending on feelings.

When severe pain put a wet sheet under the spine and lie on it, bending at the knees. It will provide pain relief.

During exacerbation of pain is not recommended to stop the exercise.

In practice, it is established that the reduction andthe skeletal muscle relaxation has analgesic effects. Consequently, by daily practice of exercise therapy gradually decreases pain. Even after the cessation of pain should continue kinesitherapy to achieve a lasting effect. If the patient has severe pain, apply pharmaceutical drugs for pain relief before the cycle of medical gymnastics.

gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the lumbar

figure: gymnastics "cross-pull".

During exacerbation of chronic pain syndrome according to the method recommended Bubnovsky gymnastics "cross-pull" and "crossover".

To perform these exercises should be put on a special foot cuff, a fixation equipped with a carbine. Physical therapy is performed initially with the instructor, which controls the intensity of the movements. When moving the patient supported on the lower rack of the machine. Charging is performed even for minor pain. Simultaneously, the specialist ensures that the patient is properly breathing. On the background of the thoracic and lumbar osteochondrosis narrowed intercostal spaces. When the ribs are displaced to the sides. This condition hampers the ventilation of the lung tissue.

You Know, the more active movements the person performs, the more the analgesic effect. However, when changes in the lumbosacral special attention should be paid to the relaxation of the piriformis gluteal region. When she is in a state of hypertonicity compresses the sciatic nerve, causing piriformis syndrome.

At the same time when performing gymnastics from degenerative disc disease increases the range of motion in the hip joints. When traction kinesitherapy eliminated psychological man's fear of pain.

How is ground physiotherapy

Ground floor physiotherapy is a complex exercise, aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles.

For these purposes, created special moves:

  • Take the original position not the back. Perform leg raises at an angle of 90 degrees. The cycle 10-15 times. When lowering the legs down do not touch the floor. On the exhale make the ascent. If there is not enough physical shape to hold for support;
  • Sitting on the floor, uprites hands behind. Follow "scissors" legs. On the exhale make the Mach.

medical gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the lumbar

  • Adopt the original position as in the previous step. Bend your legs at the knees and pull your legs to your chest;
  • Lying on your back, bend your hands behind your head. Alternately touch the knees. These exercises cannot be performed in the presence of pathology in the spinal column (bone osteophytes, inflammatory diseases);
  • Lying on stomach, place hands in front of him. Make cross-movement of lower extremities
  • Adopt the original position similarly as in the previous step. Raise and lower the torso on the exhale.

restore the elasticity of muscles

Therapeutic exercises to restore the elasticity of skeletal muscle is held in conjunction with obsesionada classes. For its implementation perform the following exercises:

  1. kneeling position bent or straight arms close to knees. Perform the deflection and bulging of the vertebral column with the maximum amplitude, of overcoming lumbar pain;
  2. Take your original standing position with legs shoulder width apart. Torso forward to each thigh. Do not bend your knees. Overcoming the pain in the knee joints, will be able to recover the muscle tone of the lower extremities
  3. Take a starting position on your stomach. Take the hand on the Shin. Try to lift the thigh as high as possible. Other hand to perform a similar motion.

In the complex of medical gymnastics in osteochondrosis should be included pushups. They are recommended even during exacerbation of chronic pain. When performing movements do facilitate on toes and palms. However, when acute pain in the lower part of the waist pushups should not be performed. In the initial stages the interval to 20 seconds. After a week he increased to 30 seconds.

For push-UPS is used 2 ways:

  • Continuously over time, with pauses for 20 seconds;
  • Series of 10 pushups over the duration of 10 episodes.

With a weak physical condition recommend push-UPS with support on a chair, a Desk and a wall. Daily physical activity increases by 5-10 new moves.

To perform ground gymnastics there is no age contraindications. You need to consider more than the age of the person, the softer, increasing the number of movements. To increase the duration of practice should take into account the patient's condition.

Ground gymnastics in osteochondrosis you should perform through the day for 15 minutes.

freedom from exacerbations of chronic pain

Ground exercises during exacerbation of chronic pain:

  1. Take a starting position on all fours. Go with maximum stretching step. When severe back pain should not go all fours for 5-10 minutes;
  2. Lying on your back, clasp your hands behind your head. Bend knees, place feet on the floor.Bend the torso clear off the floor blades. Concentrate on the abdominal muscles. The number of repetitions of 20-25. Duration of exercise – 10 minutes;
  3. Take original position on his back. Fold the hands behind the head. The left knee should be right foot. Left hand drag to right knee. Adjust the position of the feet and reach right elbow to the left knee joint.


Prevention of pain in the back must be held before exercise to prepare muscles, as well as during remission of the disease.

What are the principles of prevention of lumbosacral osteochondrosis:

  • exercise with little weights with a duration of 20 minutes;
  • Perform each exercise until slight fatigue of skeletal muscles;
  • Normalize the diet, to restore the exchange of calcium and phosphorus
  • Eliminate excess weight.

Attention! Of all food maximum calorie has alcohol. He transformed into fatty acids, but provides the body with sufficient energy to Deposit fat. Consumption of animal protein improves the condition of the spinal column. They must be consumed in limited quantities.

If the above exercises to perform daily, you can expect not only the elimination of pain. With proper exercise, the spine will adopt a physiological position and will not bend.