What kind of sport you can practice in osteochondrosis

Fitness, Pilates, running, push-UPS, aerobics osteochondrosis when used wisely, is not only not contraindicated, but allowed with proper conduct. Of course, there are different degrees of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine. They may have a severe pain syndrome and secondary disorders in the internal organs, limitation of motion.

When choosing a sport should consult with your doctor about the right the vote. Everyone knows that professional sports load not conducive to health. Only limited physical activity will help prevent to relax muscular frame back and eliminate the progression of the disease.

back pain and sports

A Professional Jogging with cervical osteochondrosis contraindicated. But dosed physical load will help to improve the blood supply in the spinal column. If you play sports, degenerative changes will become acute. When to receive the strong pain, you still have to quit her favorite activity. Better to do it sooner than later to suffer from his carelessness.

Thus, low back pain and sports is only compatible with proper execution of doctor's recommendations concerning physical activity. The article will examine the subtleties and nuances of this issue.

Contraindicated sports

degenerative changes of the spine some sports are contraindicated for:

  • Heavy athletic training in osteochondrosis;
  • high Jump
  • the Throwing of spears;
  • Discus
  • Badminton
  • Tennis.

When doing the above types creates strong load on the spine. Intense muscle pumping will contribute to the curvature of the vertebral axis. Even in periods of remission of degenerative diseases much impossible to pump up skeletal muscles.

Even pullups in osteochondrosis are dangerous, because they are stretching the spinal column. When subluxation or instability of the vertebrae traction will damage soft tissues, which will increase pain. This may lead to loss of the intervertebral hernia.

Hockey and football in osteochondrosis are dangerous because of the trauma of the body. Ideally, a mobile sports must have a revitalizing effect on the body. However, participants often addicted, which leads to unexpected injuries, sprains muscular-ligamentous apparatus.

The Risk of spinal injuries increases with Alpine skiing, freestyle, jumping from a height. Winter walks on skis load on the spine due to the necessity of wearing a backpack on his back.

Minimum load on the back is created when the load is localized on the back of the straps that fastened at the shoulders. In this situation, muscle fibers strongly not straining, which does not lead to displacement of the vertebral axis.

Golf, badminton and tennis are accompanied by sharp turns of the torso to the side. If they increase pain, and increases the degree of instability of the vertebrae. Displacement of the vertebral segments gradually leads to the formation of hernias.

What exercise is allowed

walking in the woods, swimming, running with cervical osteochondrosis, swimming – help normalize blood circulation and to relieve pain.

To recovery back you should take an evening jog in the fresh air. Better to run around the track with sawdust in sports shoes. In this situation, strengthening of the spine will be carried out thanks to the sprung load.

Swimming and water aerobics in osteochondrosis allows you to relax the muscles of the back. When you practice these sports, the strengthening of the skeletal muscles occurs as efficiently as possible.

You Should understand only that any sport in diseases of the spine is contraindicated in pain. Physical education it is better to cancel until health is restored. Immediately after even minor pain recommended exercises. You can hang on the bar, to stretch, to do respiratory exercises Sokolova. The main thing – the regularity of physical therapy.

Women recommend Pilates or fitness osteochondrosis, which should be carried out regularly. These workouts help to strengthen the muscles of the neck and lower back. Strong muscular corset will support correct position of the vertebral axis. Preferably after fitness classes or Pilates run in the fresh air for 20-30 minutes. This creates the opportunity to strengthen the respiratory muscles.

Pilates with cervical osteochondrosis prevents hypoxia of the brain. Classes prevent compression of the vertebral artery in the transverse processes of the cervical vertebrae. This vessel provides blood to about 25% of the brain tissue. The pathology observed in instability or subluxation of the vertebrae of the neck.

we Draw the readers ' attention on the physical stresses of lifting heavy weights, sitting at the table. When the static movements, the muscles are constantly in a state of the asynchronous tone. At work to relieve muscle load is often advised to get up andto make minimal movement.

At home a good effect for the recovery of skeletal muscle good effect has an exercise bike in osteochondrosis, which will relieve physical stress. The use of such products should specify with your doctor.

Lean about a chair back in the sitting position. The chair must be above the shoulder girdle. Seat it is advisable to choose flat and hard. Its depth should not be less than a quarter of the size of the thighs.p>

Remember that lifting heavy objects from the floor, you should sit down a bit. When you do this, keep your back straight, straighten the knee. Make sure that the muscles of the feet were in a state of contraction.

Women can recommend dancing in osteochondrosis. Only when you execute the movements to make sure that the torso twists do not cause increased pain.

Thus, exercise machines, running, Biking, eating – activities that are permitted in degenerative diseases of the spine. Before their use should be discussed with your doctor exercises that will cure the disease.

In conclusion, women: high heel is not conducive to health. If you are not able to refuse it, limit wearing time.