How and when you can do the honey massage in osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is a disturbance in the structure of the cartilaginous tissue of the spine due to insufficient internal power. This results in the weakening of the functions of the spine and decreases physical endurance. Thus, when normal vertical force of the spine 500 kg, in people who suffer from this disease, and it decreases to 200 kg.

The Disease can progress in the absence of adequate therapy. Massage is one of the most affordable and effective methods in the treatment of degenerative disc disease. Of course, massage should be carried out only by specialists, to achieve the desired effect.

massage with honey from degenerative disc disease

In the treatment of osteoarthritis by massaging it is possible to achieve the following positive effects:

  • the normalization of blood circulation
  • removed, oedema;
  • able to relieve muscle spasm
  • eliminates venous stasis.

In turn, today is a very popular and effective is massage in osteochondrosis. Of course, it should be remembered that rubbing the honey does not cure the disease, but it greatly helps relieve the symptoms of this disease with proper conduct.

Honey massage is considered a relatively new technique, but it is already very popular because of its effectiveness. Especially effective for the treatment of osteoarthritis this technique is at an early stage of the disease.


This Technique of massaging is simple enough so that it can be easily used at home.

Before rubbing with honey it is recommended to make a warming massage. Next to the warmed skin to apply the honey. While applying honey to do patting movements. After the honey is applied on the body, you need palm make sliding movement from the bottom up. The speed should be gradually increased.

The Honey will start to stiffen and slide over the skin will become very difficult. At this point you need to move on to the pinning of hands with subsequent otdelyvanija to first hands stuck, and then usually from the skin. To carry out this manipulation should last 10-15 minutes.

After that, the body of the patient need to put a towel and cover him with a warm blanket. After 20 minutes, remove the honey must be removed. Next, the skin must be moistened with oil or cream.

It is Recommended to perform the procedure exclusively at bedtime. To achieve good therapeutic effect of the manipulation should be repeated at least 10 times. Sessions rubbing with honey when degenerative disc disease is best done through the day.

Use procedure

honey massage in osteochondrosis

The Use of honey for the treatment of degenerative disc allows you to deal with salt deposits. Due to active heating of the skin through the pores occurs intake of minerals and vitamins in the human body. Thus, it is considered important that the body does not need to waste their energy reserves for the assimilation of nutrients from honey. For it is made of bee enzymes.

Honey cleanses the body of toxins, evidence of which is the emergence during the procedure flakes of a dirty yellow color.

This procedure is Useful in exacerbations of diseases of the joints and as an anti-cellulite therapy.

Contraindications for

Of Course, this technique has several positive aspects, but there are some contraindications, which include:

  • are allergic to honey directly;
  • fungal and other skin diseases;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • reduced clotting.

With the appearance of nausea after a session of massaging is necessary to abandon the use of this technique to treat degenerative disc disease. It is advisable to trust only a good masseur.