What are physical therapy exercises to strengthen the back muscles in children and adults?

Physical therapy exercises for strengthening back muscles allows to achieve good results. The health of this body part is important. Existing back problems for a long time can not manifest itself, appearing some time later, when the situation risks becoming uncontrollable. Exercise depletes the resources back, so you need to take appropriate measures to strengthen it.

Squats as a warm up before exercise therapy to strengthen the back

how to exercise

Physiotherapy exercises are beneficial to health, however, required to abide by the rules and do the exercises correctly. with in Order not to hurt yourself, you should consult a specialist and follow his / her directions. Rules are simple requirements that may not be easy. If the goal of exercise for the back is not only strengthening muscles, but also in eliminating pain and pathologies, the complex is assigned only by a physician after a proper examination.

Before you perform the gymnastics definitely need to warm up your muscles. Back should be prepared to stress because often training is a stress on any body part and the body. In this case the probability of injury.

A Common mistake for beginners is to overload. During one session will not fix all the deficiencies and develop the muscles of the back, it takes a long time to do physical therapy. Proper load is the right solution.

If during practice there was an unpleasant sensation, discomfort and pain, the exercise should immediately be discontinued. In some cases, simply changing the exercises, however, is possible when performing the exercises under the supervision of a specialist who has the necessary knowledge and full control of the situation.

Strengthening your back through exercise therapy

It Should be understood that, while strengthening the back, it is difficult to achieve good results, if the load is not supplied to other muscle groups of the body. The total load is more useful than impact on one category of a muscular corset. Conduct classes in the gym and at home, using improvised means.

exercise: stages of practice

A set of physical therapy must include several stages, which allows to achieve good results. The stages presented in the following categories:

  1. Warm – up- warming up the body and muscles.
  2. maximum load and basic physiotherapy exercises.
  3. Relaxation exercises that allow you to recover after exercise.

Each step is important, therefore, we cannot abandon even one of presents. Without a warm-up the person at risk of injury, the basis is the Foundation of the whole complex, to abandon it does not make sense. Relaxation is also important, as it allows you to secure the results and to recover.

preparing the body

Firming complex for the muscular system begins with a warm-up. This will help to tune the body for further work, to ensure the blood circulation. Indicators of flexibility and elasticity is also important, so the warm – up stage is important and necessary.

Muscle Warming up should be gradual. We must remember that this stage is non-core, you want to keep power and not to spend them completely. As warm-up exercises you can use the following set:

  1. the Execution of movements in a circle his shoulders.
  2. Movement shoulders back and forth.
  3. head Movement in different directions and in circles.
  4. Circular rotation of the pelvis, tilts back and forth, left and right.
  5. a Small number of sit-UPS. The heel should not come off the floor while performing the exercise.
  6. waving the hands to the sides, up and down.
  7. arms Bending at the elbow joint, and rotation.

Presents step is performed slowly and calmly, the breath must be smooth. Jerks and sudden movements should be absent. You can control the heart rate and palpitations. After warming up, pulse and heartbeat should be higher, but not very much.

the Main phase and relaxation

When warming up is complete, you should perform physiotherapy. Will be involved all or most of the muscles, but the main focus is required to pay it back. The first exercise presents a twist in a back-lying position. Hands should be placed at the back or on the chest in a cross position.

The Following exercise is also performed lying on your back. Required to alternately raise the legs and do the exercise “Scissors” and “Bicycle”, which is familiar to many. In the first case performs the leg swings, simulates the principle of operation of the scissors. In the second case simulates the pedaling of a Bicycle. Exercise affects not only your back, but press on, what is its double use.

For the next item you need to get up on all fours and stretch your hands to the floor. Legs lifted and retracted. You can connect and hands that will complicate the implementation of the action. In this case, you should follow the rule: when lifting the right leg is required to take forward the left arm. Similar situation with the left foot and right hand.

After the completion of the main unit of physical therapy pass to relaxation. This will help simple exercises that allow you to normalize the heart rate, relax muscles and restore breathing. Through exercise the body gets the signal to stop work, allowing him to easily switch to normal mode.

The Relaxation exercises after the completion of the complex is the result of a rotation of those parts of the body that were involved in the work. In addition, you can use stroking of the muscles, shaking and patting.

Therefore, physiotherapy is not a complicated exercise, they are suitable for children and adults.

Required classes each day, then the effect of the event will be better.

The Complex should be individualized.