What are chondroprotectors accept with cervical osteochondrosis

Hondroprotektory osteochondrosis are not all doctors. Around of these drugs in medicine there is an active discussion. The products contain glycosaminoglycans and chondroitin sulfates. These components make up the structural framework of the intervertebral discs. They are appointed to prevent the destruction of cartilage of the spine and articular surfaces.

The best chondroprotectors contain two active substances – glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate in therapeutic doses. Official pharmaceutical preparations should be distinguished biologically active additives (dietary Supplements). In them the concentration of active compounds is not controlled, so it's hard to pick a potent ingredients.

hondroprotektory osteochondrosis

Or not to Use hondroprotektory osteochondrosis? The answer to this question will learn after reading the article.

Opinions of doctors and experiments

Help hondroprotektory osteochondrosis, consider the below.

Generative-dystrophic diseases of the spine characterized by damage to the intervertebral discs, formation of bone osteophytes, decreased height of vertebral bodies.

The Clinical experiments have shown that under the influence of chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid restores the pulpous nucleus of the intervertebral disc and cartilage. About as explains the therapeutic action of these drugs by pharmacists.

Independent experts say that the therapeutic effect of these drugs is negligible. It differs from the placebo effect. This opinion means that the mechanism of action of drugs is similar to use vitamins for getting rid of pneumonia and diabetes.

The doctors opinion is twofold. In theory, the drugs in osteochondrosis should be appointed. Negative aspect of their use is the high cost.

An Independent clinical experiments have shown the following effects of chondroprotective substances:

  • chondroitin sulfate for osteoarthritis improves the mineral composition of synovial fluid and increases the amount of water. In the intervertebral discs missing synovial fluid, therefore, rationality in the application of chondroitin sulfate not;
  • of molecules glycosaminoglycans and chondroitin in comparison with anti-inflammatory drugs have a higher molecular weight. As a result, the use of chondroprotective ointments they will not penetrate the skin. The pill form to achieve the remedial action to be taken in high dosages;
  • chondroprotectors in cervical osteochondrosis are assigned when severe degree of the disease, when pain, limited mobility of the spine and other related symptoms. At this stage, these drugs have little benefit.

Thus, on the basis of the above information we can conclude that the use of chondroprotective drugs costly is not justified low therapeutic effect.

However, if these medications are prescribed by a doctor, perhaps he sees the sense in using them. It should be understood that there is no other alternative. We can only talk about the frequent use of porcine cartilage or gelatin.

Why you need to take the protectors with neck pain

hondroprotektory osteochondrosis of the cervicalHondroprotektory osteochondrosis should be taken at early stages of the disease simultaneously with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). So as not to waste their money, we offer you to study the best types of products.

Consider the classification of these drugs. The most popular chondroprotective drugs:

  1. first generation: rumalon and alflutop;
  2. second generation: hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate and glycosaminoglycans;
  3. third generation: chondroitin sulfate + hcl.

The composition of these funds can be divided into the following groups:

  • Contains chondroitinase acid.
  • Mucopolysaccharides.
  • based On fish and animal cartilage.
  • Glycosaminoglycans.
  • Integrated drugs.

we should also highlight drug artrodar. It is often prescribed by doctors in case of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the cervical spine. Tablets have protective and anti-inflammatory effect.

Mechanism of action

Hondroprotektory osteochondrosis are assigned to restore cartilage in arthritis joints. As mentioned above, if damaged intervertebral discs the use of chondroitin sulphate and glycosaminoglycans provides few positive results.

In the early stages of spondylosis and degenerative changes of the spine there are cracks and erosion. If not treated, over time they will lead to the formation of intervertebral hernia.

Chondroitin sulfates in the initial stages of the disease help to eliminate pain and prevent the progression of the disease. However, not everypeople willing to pay big money for short-term and mild analgesia.

However after surgery about intervertebral hernia chondroprotectors definitely assigned.


The best protective agents are often prescribed by doctors. Among them the most popular: teraflex, structum and don.

don is a product containing glucosamine in combination with other excipients (citric acid, carbowax, sodium chloride, aspartame, sodium chloride). Indicated for arthritis, osteohondroze and arthritis. Contraindications to the use dons are phenylketonuria and hypersensitivity to drugs.

Teraflex consists of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and the additional components (manganese, magnesium stearate, manganese sulfate, stearic acid). Indications for use drugs traumatic injuries, osteochondrosis, arthrosis.

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, allergic reactions and the age of 15. The tool should be taken with extreme caution in bleeding and diabetes.

When you use medicines side effects occur:

  1. pain in epigastrium;
  2. flatulence
  3. diarrhea or constipation
  4. insomnia
  5. drowsiness
  6. leg pain
  7. swelling
  8. tachycardia.

Structum is available in the form of gelatine capsules, containing a whitish powder. It can consist of conglomerates of small size. The drug is chondroitin sulfate and plus ingredients (titanium, Indigo Carmine, talc).

Indications for use of structure: osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis. Contraindications to the use of drugs: a tendency to bleeding, increased fragility of vessels, the age of 15. Adverse reactions include: allergies, nausea, itching, vomiting and erythema.

The Above drugs the best, according to doctors. They are appointed not only in arthritis but also in degenerative diseases of the spine.

In conclusion, I would like to warn readers that hondroprotektory osteochondrosis should be administered exclusively by doctors.