The causes of edema and numbness of the face with cervical osteochondrosis

Swelling of the face in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine often hurts patients. An unpleasant feeling of tingling and "pins and needles" on the skin causes discomfort. Sometimes facial swelling is accompanied by numbness.

In most cases, swelling of the head is manifested by tingling in the area of the mouth and face. Swelling numbness, burning sensation, loss of control of facial muscles. Specific manifestations of this symptom depends on its severity, ranging from mild tingling on the face and ending with the paralysis of the facial muscles.

degenerative disc disease can cause swelling of the face

With cervical osteochondrosis numbness of the face, head and neck area may last a few minutes or not finish at all. When the numbness often there are loss of taste, trouble swallowing food. Permanent numbness of the head can distort facial features because of the changes of facial expressions.

Swelling and numbness are observed also in the case if the person is a long time in an uncomfortable position. Often this happens during sleep. The patient may in combination with the loss sensitivity of the head to observe the deterioration of vision, hearing and even numbness of the tongue.