Why is worsening (decreasing) vision and appear “fly” before his eyes when cervical osteochondrosis

Low visual acuity suffers from almost every second adult. And if low vision can still be used and adapt the progression of this symptom leads to significant inconvenience.

So, not only deteriorates the quality of life, but also the efficiency. This is especially noticeable to those who are closely connected with daily eye strain (drivers, programmers, jewelers, etc.).

blurred vision with cervical degenerative disc disease


Of Course, the reasons for the decline of vision weight. This is a hereditary factor, chronic stress, stress, lack of sleep. Considerable importance and deficiency, injury, infectious diseases, atherosclerosis and tendency to thrombosis. But do not forget how close the connection has vision with cervical osteochondrosis. It is often a cause of spots, fog before the eyes and other visual symptoms.

The patients, not knowing about the back pain, are beginning to be treated with eye drops, expensive drugs and contact lenses. But treating the symptoms without correcting the root cause, i.e. degenerative disc disease, has only a temporary effect.

Such diseases as cervical degenerative disc disease, and vision are very closely linked. With the defeat of the intervertebral cartilages of the cervical spine there is a jamming of the vessels going to the head. Compressed vertebral arteries that supply blood rich in oxygen to the brain, and veins, which drain the spent blood from him. Brain tissue suffer from malnutrition, hypoxia. This violation is manifested by frequent headaches.

However, suffers not only the brain, but the organ of hearing, and eyes. Therefore, pathology of the cervical spine frequently manifests itself with symptoms such as ringing in the ears and "flies" before the eyes.

Flies can be replaced by a bright circles, fog and ghosting. Often there is an abrupt darkening or blurring of the contours of objects. Falls not only visual acuity but also reduced his field. If before eyes calmly covered all 180 degrees of the surrounding space, we now have to rotate the head to distinguish details.

Consequences and their remedies

This seemingly harmless symptom, as flies, can lead to unfortunate consequences if time does not reveal its true cause. For a long time he could not to draw attention to themselves, as it appears only periodically. And with a sudden violation likely to start treatment may be too late.

for a Long period of hypoxia of the eyeball leading to optic nerve edema and sclerosis of the vessels of the retina. Also because of violations of the outflow of venous blood from the brain over time, may develop increased intraocular pressure (glaucoma). And this complication often leads to a permanent reduction or even complete loss of vision.

It is Important to understand that the emergence of "flies" or iridescent circles is just one of the symptoms of osteoarthritis. And treat them separately from the underlying disease is absolutely useless. You can spend a lot of time and money to conservative treatment or even surgery. But the vision will continue to deteriorate until it is paid attention to the problem of degenerative disc disease.

The Treatment of degenerative disc disease is often complex. This includes daily physiotherapy and regular massage. You do not need to sign up to the masseur to do the massage. No less popular and manual therapy, and acupuncture.

Also appointed physiotherapy (darsonval, lasaraleen, electrophoresis). Successfully applied leeches (leech therapy).

In the case of successful treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease in a patient the headaches disappear, "flies" before the eyes, ringing in the ears, swelling and stiffness. This was observed after the first week of treatment.