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Indications and contraindications to the use of electrical myostimulation at home

When electrical myostimulation contraindications for is not always taken into account both physicians and patients, which ultimately leads to the development of comorbid conditions and diseases. It is necessary to understand, what is electrical, in which cases it is used, and in which its use was strictly forbidden. Apparatus for electrical myostimulation is an electrode, generating electrical pulses with a certain frequency and amperage, which have a major impact on tissues and organs. In traumatology and medical rehabilitation this technique began to be used recently. Its wide application in medical practice not only had positive effects from the treatment of diseases of the muscles and joints of the back, but also led to some pretty severe and negative consequences. In modern medicine and cosmetology under the term “electrical stimulation” understand the procedure of affecting the muscles or individual muscle bundles with the help of currents.

Staff electrical myostimulation

Electromyostimulation of muscles

This procedure enables you to stimulate the skin and muscles in a certain area, thus improving the blood flow in it and activating the processes of exchange. As a result, improves trophism of the muscles, which contributes to their rehabilitation after injuries and operations.

They have developed as a result of the fact that were not taken into account the conditions of use and the procedure.

When not to perform the procedure?

Considering the possibility of developing other serious conditions and diseases, you should decide in which cases do not conduct the sessions.

Prohibition on the use of electrical myostimulation in pulmonary tuberculosis

Is Not necessary to carry out electrostimulation of the muscles of the back in the following cases:

  1. Cancer. The contraindications No. 1 for all kinds of physiotherapy treatment. The reason for this is that under the influence of stimulation currents increases metabolism in the area of impact. If it is a tumor or metastases, the effect of myostimulation provokes their growth and progression.
  2. Pregnancy. Not a mandatory contra-indication to treatment, but before treatment you should consult with your doctor performs the procedure by a specialist. When using the current may increase the temperature of the amniotic fluid that can lead to miscarriage.
  3. an Implanted pacemaker. Its installation makes do not conduct any types of physical therapy treatments and procedures based on the use of electrical discharge or other equipment that uses a magnetic field. Increases the risk disorders of the stimulant that will cause a failure of generation of nerve impulse.
  4. Vascular diseases in the affected area and blood pathology. If the area is stimulated by vascular mural thrombi, significantly increases the risk of isolation and blockage of important blood vessels, which can lead to death.
  5. Inflammatory processes with formation of pus. Electrical stimulation in this case is contraindicated due to the fact that may exacerbate the underlying disease and significantly worsen the patient's condition, to eliminate all the clinical effects of treatment of the pathological process.
  6. pulmonary Tuberculosis. The influence of an electric field or current contributes to the progression of the process, the increased destruction of lung tissue, triggers the reproduction of active pathogens in the lungs and respiratory tract, making the patient a potential source of microorganisms and increases the risk of spreading the disease.

pregnancy is a contraindication to primeneniyu electrical myostimulation


Also, do not conduct the procedure in such cases:

  1. Stones in the liver or the kidneys. In the presence of concrements in the bodies electrical stimulation can provoke as a spasm of the biliary tract or ureter, and their extension (in this case, the stone can go down below and get stuck, which will lead to the development of intensive pain syndrome and colic).
  2. Diseases of the endocrine system. Potentially dangerous is the effect of electrical myostimulation at home on the lumbar region (the place of projection of the kidneys and adrenal glands). If the adrenal gland has an active inflammatory or neoplastic process, under the influence of a current may be worsening it, or leading to the progression and growth of tumors, or adrenal crisis, which is to stop at home impossible.
  3. Conduct myostimulation persons with severe mental disorders. Immediate effects on the body such a person the procedure is not provided, but can provoke exacerbation of his mental illness (usually schizophrenia), resulting in the patient may becomeunmanageable and to harm both others and yourself.
  4. Epilepsy. The electric current causes a trigger (in the cortex), which is the main source of pulses when an epileptic seizure, and this provokes its development.
  5. Open fractures. If any contraindicated any intervention, except for initial processing of the wound surface or overlay gypsum, as it increases the risk of amplification of pain due to a spasm of the muscles, which is observed as a result of stimulation. Not necessary to carry out the procedure in fractures of the spine and scoliosis, as muscle tone can occur more displacement of the vertebrae to one side.

All of these factors are strict contraindications for electrical myostimulation, because the benefits of the procedure significantly less risk it may cause. TOOOherefore, before use should undergo a comprehensive examination of the body, consult your doctor and a qualified physiotherapist about.