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Osteochondrosis and alcohol – what you need to know about it

Cervical degenerative disc disease and alcohol are incompatible concepts. Although there is consensus that the use of ethanol reduced vertebral pain, in practice this opinion is rejected by neurologists. Alcohol affects the health negatively is a proven fact.

Alcohol and degenerative disc disease

Indeed, in humans, ethanol is produced in small quantities. It is necessary for the occurrence of some biochemical reactions.

In traditional recipes meet and recommendations that degenerative changes in the neck can be treated better "pepper vodka". They belong to the category of "what I wish, I do." A hit of alcohol in the body actually refers to intoxication syndromes.

The Formula of alcoholic beverages opened Mendeleev. During the creation of the chemical it was solely the medication that was used in the dose of 30 ml daily. However, mankind liked to drink a means overdose. Gradually a positive attitude to drug was increased from generation to generation. It became a daily "medicine" for people who abuse alcohol.

In the initial stages of the alcohol gets rid of many problems, including back pain, due to the "brain fogginess". On the backdrop of the admission of ethanol in brain neurons refuse to work. But the pathological symptoms are worse when the person ceases to take the dose.