How to treat chondrosis during pregnancy

Chondrosis at the time of carrying a child can transform the life of a pregnant woman in flour, because it constantly will be accompanied by back pain, specifically in the lumbar spine. To save a woman from pain will help prevention of the disease, which is best to start before pregnancy.

chondrosis during pregnancy

Why pregnant women suffer from back pain

Chondrosis is called degeneration of the intervertebral discs, which induces the flattening, loss of elastic properties and even rupture. A woman feels severe pain because of warped discs pinch the spinal nerves.

The first time the disease develops asymptomatically. Often the woman, who considered herself quite healthy, feels the telltale signs of the disease during pregnancy, when the load on the spine increases significantly. In addition, the normal exchange reaction in the range can be broken due to hormonal imbalance in pregnant.

During pregnancy may worsen chondrosis of the cervical or thoracic spine, but most often it occurs in the lumbar spine.

Sometimes with signs of this disease is confused with the normal physiological processes that prepare the body for childbirth and accompanied by pain. Pain in this case arise due to the loosening of the bones of the pelvis, which become more mobile. Because the pain threshold in all people are different, for some these changes will be very painful, and some will not notice.

In some women, the growing fetus puts pressure on nerves in the lumbar area that can also be painful. After childbirth this pain usually goes away.


The Main symptom of the chondrosis pregnant is the constant aching pain, which can bother and after birth. Often postpartum illness brings less anxiety, and eventually may even "sleep".

Often, a pregnant woman develops cervical chondrosis, causing migraines, dizziness, insomnia and fainting. With cervical chondrosis pain may occur in the hand and shoulder blade. Against this background, the female body can go to neurosis.

lower back Pain is usually aching, but at sharp bends or corners it can be sharp and searing.

Treatment of disease in women

The Main goal of treatment of the disease during pregnancy is the relief of pain in women.

The Cervical chondrosis is typically treated with special orthotic devices, immobilization collars. But for a long time to wear orthopedic collar contraindicated, as in the process of wearing the neck muscles may atrophy and the patient's condition will only get worse. Best wearing of the collar to alternate with the neck massage and a special complex of exercises.

In the case of lumbosacral chondrosis prescribed special bandages for expectant mothers. These devices support the stomach and reduce the load on the spine. If a woman is experiencing severe pain, your doctor may prescribe painkillers in the form of gels, ointments or creams that can be applied to pregnant women.

You Cannot self-medicate, otherwise it can lead to disastrous consequences. If during pregnancy a woman worried about pain in the spine, you should consult a doctor for treatment and control condition.