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Pain in left side radiating to lower back and leg

A Message from Olga:

Pain in left side radiating to lower back and leg. Passed all doctors, ultrasound of abdomen, kidneys, pelvis, there was a proctologist, but the pain is not gone. To what expert it is still possible to apply?


Hello Olga. You passed a lot of experts and studies, I would like to know about their results. You ask, to what doctor to address, although saying that all the doctors were. In this treatment you can feel the hopelessness.

Pain in left side can be at many diseases. It is desirable that You have localized pain specifically. It can be bottom, top, middle.

The nature of the pain is: sharp or aching.

If you want help, describe in more detail the history, specify the results of clinical and instrumental examinations, expert opinion.

I would Like to know also how old you are.

When there is pain in left side:

  • In gastritis and peptic ulcer disease of the stomach;
  • Pathology of the pancreas and the liver;
  • gastrointestinal tract
  • Violations in the ovaries and reproductive area.

If the pelvic ultrasound showed no changes, and therefore, ovaries with no issues. Gynecologist watched?

The Pathology of the pancreas can also be eliminated, as it was carried out ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity. It is obvious that changes it is not found.

The process of elimination will focus on pathology of the stomach and intestines. For the differential diagnosis of diseases should be clarified: whether the pain with food intake, are there any difficulties with defecation.

Anyway, to answer your question need more information. Please describe in more detail your experience.