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Pain in right side of back after performing deadlifts

Hello! The other day, work out in the gym, perform deadlift. The next morning felt severe pain in his right side back, somewhere in the lumbar region and chest.

the Pain is felt during movement, bending, tilting his head to the side, lie is also hurt.

Tell me, please, what it could be and how to treat. Thank you in advance.

To physician:

Good day! At first glance, the most likely cause of pain in the right half of the back is stretching or tear of skeletal muscle. The use of deadlifts without dressing support belts can lead to detachment of the muscle tendon from the place of fixation.

belt for fixing muscles when performing deadlifts and power exercises

In your situation, one would assume the presence of intervertebral hernia, but the clinical picture is radiating pain in the chest and neck more points to muscle pathology.

Curing back pain right side immediately. It is advisable to consult a doctor, as the torn muscles over time will be postponed calcium salts, which will lead to irreversible changes in the functioning of the muscular frame of the back and spinal curvature.

At home we can recommend injections of anti-inflammatory drugs, e.g. diclofenac intramuscularly, but only in the absence of pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.

To resolve a muscle spasm, you can apply muscle relaxants, for example, mydocalm (carefully, as the drugs decrease blood pressure, so are prescription drugs).

During treatment, the spine needs to rest. Lie down and watch TV on the healthy side. Will also help relaxing back massage and good chiropractic. Just remember to do a magnetic resonance or computer (accompanied by a high radiation load) a CT to rule out intervertebral hernia.