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Constant pain in the abdomen and left side near ovary

Question from Natalia, 43 years:

Persistent pain in the abdomen and left side near ovary, frequent menstruation. Seek medical attention, because there on the record, and I have a small child.


Persistent pain in the lower abdomen on the left – a dangerous symptom. By history we can assume that it is due to pathology of the ovary. Against this background, there may well be violations of the menstrual cycle. Cyst, inflammatory lesions or other pathologies cause these changes. More specific cause can be determined by a doctor only after performing diagnostic tests.

The Only thing we can help, we recommend you also book yourself on pelvic ultrasound. However, after the procedure still need to visit the gynecologist.

don't suggest that you "sit" at home. You have been delayed menstruation – it speaks about the violation of the separation of estrogen in the ovaries. If not consult a doctor, the disease will progress.

To Recommend specific hormones, we can not, because no laboratory study of the hormonal status.

Natalia, despite the difficulties in life, not run your health. By the way, you are in predklimaktericescom period, so it is advisable to be carefully investigated. Do not think that the pain will disappear spontaneously. They will only grow and will still make you go to the doctor, but in this case, conservative treatment cannot eliminate cysts and ovarian inflammation will become chronic.