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Resumed pain after removal of sequestered disc herniation L4-L5

Question from Maria:

Good day! Tell me, please, I on September 27 was surgery to remove the sequestered disc herniation L4-L5, left paramedicine a herniated vertebrae L3-L4. And in 2005, had surgery on L5-S1 (10 mm). At the moment the pain after the operation was resumed (the size of the hernia – 0.55 mm). Me to have surgery again? Thank you.


Good day! To address the question whether the operation should review the clinical symptoms and data of clinical and instrumental methods. Surgery – traumatic method of treatment. In diseases of the spine it should be done only in extreme cases.

Of Course, if the pain is strong and not eliminated drugs, it is necessary to resort to operative method.

Try to strengthen the muscles of the lower back. Talk with your doctor about the rationality of supporting the wearing of the corset. Develop for yourself a number of physical therapy exercises and do them daily.

The Above guidelines should eliminate the pain. If in the future they will strengthen the muscles, won't need surgery.

Quite a different thing from strong backache with limitation of mobility of the body. With them only through surgery can correct the cause of the infringement of the nerve.