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How dangerous is scoliosis and its complications, what causes this disease and how to live with her

Hello. Tell, please, how dangerous is scoliosis of 2 degrees. I am about 2 years I am suffering from back pain. Annually visit a therapist and a neurologist about it. He appoints painkillers (diclofenac or Ketorolac). However, the effect of these drugs is temporary, and I have a feeling that the back bent still more.

I Will also appreciate if you explain how to live with scoliosis, because our neurologist advises only anti-inflammatory injections, but they are also harmful for the intestines.

my heart rate around 110 beats per minute, and also high blood pressure. Could this be a manifestation of the curve of the back?

we would also Like to know what are the risks of scoliosis of 3 degrees, as I have a curvature value equal to 22 degrees. The doctor said, if the deformity will develop, after a few months I can appear violation of skin sensitivity and arm can lift up. Direct nightmare. Don't wanna be a cripple at age 30. I read that complications of scoliosis affect all organs and systems, but is it scary?

so, dear doctors, we would tell in plain language what causes scoliosis and what to do with this disease. Thank you in advance.

To physician:

unfortunately, the reader has not indicated his age to take into account the age peculiarities of the disease. Generally speaking, scoliosis often develops in young people due to the anatomical features of the structure of the spine, as well as the actions of a large number of provoking factors at the same time. Among them the most often cause curvature of the spine in the lateral plane:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Wearing heavy bags on one shoulder;
  • Wrong landing at the table, the Desk, the computer;
  • bad habits (for example, standing with support on one leg);
  • Errors in diet;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system and spine.

To assess what is the danger of scoliosis in each case, it is necessary to analyze the causes of the disease. However, it is desirable to eliminate all of the above predisposing factors, to reduce the likelihood of disease progression.

Indeed, complications of this pathology can be observed in almost all organs. This is because when the deviation of the spine from the vertical axis are shifted internal organs.

The Severity and specifics of the violations are determined by the characteristics and localization of the arc curvature. If scoliotic arc more pronounced in the thoracic spine, you have to expect the functionality of the heart (increase heart rate), lungs (shortness of breath), intercostal neuralgia due to infringement of the thoracic spinal nerve fibers between the vertebrae.

violation of myopically and pinched nerves scoliosis

Any abnormal curvature in the lumbar spine will lead to pain, dysfunction of pelvic organs, loss of sensation, and limitation of motion of the lower extremities. In extreme stage, the disease can cause complete loss of movement.

To avoid this, immediately after the detection of the scoliotic arc to address it. The basis for the restoration of the axis of the spinal column is physiotherapy (physical therapy).

Starting with stage II disease, the set of exercises is assigned exclusively to doctors. When I grade at home, you can apply the basic exercises of kinesitherapy, the method of breathing by Katharina Schroth, some methods of Valentin Dikul.

Professional treatment of scoliosis is complex with the use of several methods simultaneously: pain management, manual therapy, massage, therapeutic exercises, stretching.

In the situation of our readers can advise only – do not self-medicate. To select optimal therapy requires a full examination of the computer or magnetic resonance tomography, electromyography, General and biochemical blood analysis. Only after the analysis of the obtained results we can talk about what to do with pathology on.