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What not to do when scoliosis, the main contraindications for this pathology

Hello! I would be very grateful if you tell me what not to do when scoliosis, as very often feel throughout the day back pain, although not lift weights and try to move a lot. On the recommendation of a neurologist periodically I get diclofenac intramuscularly. However, treatments only relieve pain for a few days.


Good day. Unfortunately, the walk also load the muscles of the back. If you all day on your feet, in the evening probably a growing pain. In patients with 2nd degree scoliosis pain syndrome has also been observed in the morning, as the spinous processes of the vertebrae when you sleep on a hard bed should be compressed.

Please note! Intense exercise for scoliosis is prohibited as part of physical therapy, and when a man exercises in home conditions.

General contraindications for scoliosisIf a person constantly feels pain in his back, probably lateral deformation of the spine resulted in pinching the nerve root. Against this background, it is impossible to eliminate the intervertebral hernia. For further information about this can be obtained after performing magnetic resonance imaging. This is also necessary in order to establish the individual characteristics of the disease and to determine the correct tactics of treatment.

There are General contraindications for scoliosis:

  • No horizontal bars and stretching
  • of the complexes are eliminated gymnastics exercises to develop flexibility of the spine;
  • In the presence of rotation of the vertebrae, you cannot perform crunches and torso twists;
  • training in the gym without supervision by the specialist is over in most cases deterioration of clinical picture of the disease;
  • Running is contraindicated in grade 3 and 4 disease when the magnitude of curvature greater than 25 degrees;
  • flip-Flops and sudden movements dangerous in terms of injuries;
  • Contraindicated active sports: volleyball, soccer, hockey. They are associated with sharp turns, running, and twisting of the trunk.

Given this list, we recommend that patients with 2, 3 and 4 the degree of deformation to exclude from the lifestyle any movements associated with the twisting and vertical pressure on the body.