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What is functional scoliosis, can I cure it fast

Tell us about what is functional scoliosis 2 degrees. I orthopedic surgeon put this diagnosis, although a year ago when the survey was nothing like this. Can it be cured?

To physician:

different length of the legs in functional scoliosisFunctional scoliosis is adaptive. It occurs in response to limb shortening for the rational allocation of the depreciation of the load on the spine. Pathology also occurs in inflammatory diseases and pathological contractions of the muscle corset back. As opposed to structural scoliosis in this case is not observed deformation of the vertebrae, which allows it to effectively heal his physical therapy.

In children this condition can be triggered by frequent colds in which there is lesion of the lung tissue change with the intercostal spaces on a given side of the chest.

If to detect the curvature of the back, you can quickly eliminate the deformation by using therapeutic exercises and massage. These procedures will restore the functionality of the muscular frame back, which will further support the spine in the correct position.

If the difference in leg length will need to invest in shoes orthotics and podatocite to eliminate the offset of the vertical axis of the trunk and pelvis. The solution to this problem will need to trust the surgeon-the orthopedist.

Functional scoliosis can occur in children engaged in active sports: football, hockey, martial arts. When they appear traumatic injuries of muscular-ligamentous apparatus. In such case it is necessary first to eliminate the inflammatory changes of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus, and rupture of ligaments, possible, surgical correction of their length by means of artificial grafts.

unfortunately, professional sports in most cases does not bring health. In this case, the doctors are convinced in practice.

To Quickly get rid of this disease can be, if it is caused by muscle clamps or a violation of nerve impulses in skeletal muscles on the background of the difference in leg length. In the presence of organic changes in the ligamentous-muscular apparatus will require qualified treatment pharmaceutical medications, and possibly surgery.