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How effective and harmful epidural anesthesia for scoliosis of the spine

Good day. Heard that epidural anesthesia for scoliosis has a negative impact on brain activity. If so, what should I do if the pain is not removed, diclofenac, Ketorolac and similar drugs. I have 2 years taking teraflex, but still sometimes have to go to the doctors for anesthesia, otherwise the back rolls so that it is impossible to turn.

To physician:

Spinal anesthesia for scoliosis is used in extreme cases when it is impossible to eliminate the pain using other methods. By its conduct, there are contraindications, but it should be understood that this technique differs from General anesthesia.

photo of epidural anesthesia

It involves local anesthesia strangulated between the vertebrae nerves and also as a result of the spinal cord. This virtually eliminated the toxic response from the neurons.

Side effects are also reduced by limiting the dosage of anesthetic, which in most cases is the novocaine. Not to exceed the concentration of the substance in the blood, anesthesiologists perform the procedure in several stages. Usually secondary anesthesia is performed a week after the primary. However, most patients need one treatment session.

Speaking of the negative effects of epidural anesthesia on the body in General, note that on this subject there have been many clinical studies. The technique has been used for several centuries not only in neurology, but also in surgery, obstetrics, gynecology.

In practice, it is proved that the introduction of anesthetic into the subarachnoid space of the spinal cord in patients with intervertebral hernia can significantly reduce the number of serious complications, including complete immobilization of the limbs.

So each method is beneficial, if used correctly.

All The more so when lumbago (severe pain in the lower back with a forced pose) there are more effective methods of pain.