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What kind of doctor deals with the treatment of spondylosis of the spine

Hello! In the description of the x-ray of the back is written: "Widespread spondylosis of the thoracic spine, degenerative disc disease L3-L5 2 degrees". Please tell me what kind of doctor treats spondylosis and osteochondrosis at the same time?

To physician:

diseases of the spine, including spondylosis and degenerative disc disease of the spine heals. However, the specialist is present in the state only to large clinics and private medical centers.

In the clinics his function takes the neurologist. The specialist will be able to identify neurological symptoms and prescribe the proper treatment. If the background pathology observed curvature of the spine, is advisable to refer to the trauma surgeons who would consider wearing orthopedic corset or surgery.

It Should be understood that in modern medical institutions spread wide specialization, so diseases of the spine and therapists do. They do not understand the intricacies of disease, but appropriate treatment with medication can.

Thus, since there is no etiologic treatment of the disease, for proper symptomatic therapy should visit a few to several specialists: a neurologist, a surgeon-traumatologist and General practitioner. Their recommendations may differ slightly between themselves, but on the basis of expert opinions can make an assumption about the tactics of treatment of the disease.