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What type of corset to choose from with thoracolumbar scoliosis 4 degrees


Hello, scoliosis 4 degrees of thoracic and lumbar + sacroiliitis. Prescribed the wearing of a corset, but the type is not specified. I am 79 years old. What type of corset do I need?

To physician:

Good morning Valentina. Scoliosis 4 degrees is a serious pathology, in which the corset is administered in 2 cases:

  1. To correct lateral curvature;
  2. To reduce the severity of pain.

soft model of thoracic-lumbar-sacral corsetGiven your age, you can assume that your doctor hardly expects an opportunity of radical correction of pathology of the surgical method, because most likely there is an underlying medical condition and contraindications. Nevertheless, for the correction of scoliosis strict corsets with metal inserts in the areas that should push the pathological curves of the spine.

Such models in the initial stages patients cause pain and require a thorough analysis of the spinal column of the patient based on x-ray or CT scan.

To reduce pain and prevent further lateral curvature of the spine is recommended soft corset. It will not be much pressure on the spine, but it normalizes the tone of the skeletal muscles of the back, which reduces the degree of infringement of the nerve roots.

In Your situation, Valentina, we would recommend to start corneotherapy models with low hardness. If when wearing the product does not occur pain and extreme discomfort, you can gradually resolve the issue of switching to the products of average degree of rigidity. By purchasing a tough model, You may be at risk for complications from internal organs, which are squeezed by a corset.

The Materials we recommend to pick up a breathable (latex) that prevent the sweating of the skin.