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The herniated disc treatment methods of alternative medicine

The Issue of Irakli Krasnov:

Hello. Outline the situation briefly: about a year ago my mother was diagnosed with "spinal disc herniation" (this may not be an accurate diagnosis, but not the point), was offered surgery, but she started the treatment methods of alternative medicine: acupuncture, homeopathy, Oriental herbs. The only thing that unites all these is the lack of evidence of the effectiveness of these methods in science.

Then, two months later, pain decreased. As I found out, in most patients in 6 to 12 weeks of remission, kind of like even in the absence of treatment.

Naturally, the crooks attributed these "services" myself, and my mother became convinced of the effectiveness of these practices.

Now the pain has resumed, and she again went to these scams that once it has "cured". Of course, their services are not free. I have no strength to argue with a man who in my eyes is ruining their health, providing fraudsters a comfortable existence.

It seems to Me that You have experience with similar patients, so You will be able to advise how to convince a person that he cheated, and to persuade to go to a normal specialist. I'll be glad for any help, links to scientific articles, medical textbooks, etc.


Indeed, the chance to build a career of a different kind of folk healers. We will not claim that their methods are not effective. Homeopathy is fully recognized by the Ministry of health and shows good results in the treatment of some diseases, although the mechanism of its action remains unexplained.

The best solution in Your situation – not to disturb the mother with the choice. The placebo effect sometimes works wonders. Just make sure that the mother was treated and the doctors, and healers. For example, say that it would be better to be treated by the "great physician" and it quacks – it's faster will be cured. Can pay for her treatment in the formal medical school, because she doesn't want Your money wasted.

In General, the tactic is that don't need a man to convince. If you remember the definition of health is physical, mental and social well-being. Don't forget about the importance of "mental factor" in the recovery from a disease.