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Lumbar spondylosis due to scoliosis, aching pain in the hips and lower leg


Hello, I am 50 years old, diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis at the background of scoliosis. In recent times appeared aching pain at night in the hips and lower leg, what could it be?

What pain medicine can be applied and what combination of exercises will help ease lumbar pain. Thank you!


pain in the hips and lower legHello! Aching pain at night in the hips and lower leg in the background of scoliosis and lumbar spondylosis, most likely, testify to infringement of the nerve root in the lumbar spine. We cannot exclude the compression of the sciatic nerve. Pain at night occur because of bed pressures on spinous processes of the vertebrae, so care about the orthopedic mattress.

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Standard treatment of back pain radiating to lower extremities is the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If the pain is aching, avoid the side effects of the drugs on the gastrointestinal tract and the liver, is recommended to begin treatment with receiving selective NSAIDs. For example, nimesulide (nimesil) or Movalis (meloxicam).

Nimesulide is taken in a dose of 100 mg 2 times a day. It has powerful anti-inflammatory analgesic effect, starting with 5 days of admission. The drug is not identified severe side effects during long-term therapy.

Movalis used for strong pain syndrome in the back. Within 3 days are recommended intramuscular injection at a dose of 15 mg followed by administration of the drug in tablets of 7.5 mg and 15 mg per day for several months.

To improve the efficiency of therapy and decrease the period of application of anti-inflammatory agents is recommended to grease a place of pain ointments and compresses with Dimexidum (30-50% solution).

The Lumbar scoliosis may provoke not only the infringement of a nerve, and spasmodic contraction of the muscles. In this case, it is impossible to exclude piriformis syndrome, accompanied by compression of the sciatic nerve. Pain in this situation quite long. To eliminate it, you need to take muscle relaxants. The best option of them, in our opinion is tasidotin, which relaxes skeletal muscles and protects the liver from the negative effects of NSAIDs.

A Dull pain deep in the hip on the background of scoliosis and spondylosis can occur because of impaired blood supply. In any case, medications to improve blood supply. Recommend vasonit retard 600 2 times a day. In clinical experiments it was determined that the use of masonite in the treatment of back pain reduces the severity of edema of the nerve and leads to gradual decline of neurological symptoms.

Physical exercises are indeed one of the main methods of treatment of scoliosis in combination with corsetteria. Effective complex exercise therapy can be prescribed only by a doctor after examining the features of lateral curvature of the spine. Allocate 4 degree of disease, 3 degrees of severity, and peculiarities of trophic disorders in the area of the spine that need to be considered in the selection of gymnastic exercises.