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Aching back pain in the lumbar region after a cold (sore throat)


Good day!

My problem is a nagging back pain in the lumbar region. Has been sick for 2 days. The suspicion that prostudio, as the weather was windy. Prior to this I had quinsy once went to the amendment, once the day started to hurt back, perhaps once the virus has passed. Please tell me how to treat, what are the options.

I Am now in Shanghai unfortunately without insurance. The tests showed good results. Before Wednesday you need to wait, let's take a picture of the back. Can some folk remedies can cure your back.Thank you!

aching back pain in the lumbar region


Good day, Inna. If shined through the back, it can be assumed myositis (inflammation of muscles). In this pathology there is a compression of the nerves passing within the muscle tissue. Hardly a shot back in such a situation will add useful information regarding treatment strategy.

When you bind streptococcal sore throats with back pain, it can be assumed autoimmune renal disease by type of glomerulonephritis, which often follows after staphylococcal angina, as well as pain in the joints. This usually increases the number of white blood cells and increased ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), but have normal tests.

However, at this time task is to eliminate pain and spasmodic muscular contraction.

At the same time with the use of folk remedies recommended the use of nimesulide 100 mg 2 times a day for 5-10 days. This drug group non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. For muscle relaxation, you can take tasidotin, which also protects the liver from damage, which is very important when combining muscle relaxants with NSAIDs.

From folk remedies in myositis suggest a alternation of procedures of cooling and warming your back.

For 1-2 days after the onset of back pain can place place the pain with ice cubes from the refrigerator, placed in a plastic bag. Duration of procedure not more than 10 minutes.

On day 3 we pass to the heat treatments. It is enough to moisten a towel in hot water, wring out and attach to your back pain. Then it is covered with a dry towel or a plastic bag, which is pressed from above. Lie down quietly on your chest, for 30 minutes. The procedure generates a moist heat which helps to eliminate muscle spasms on the background of myositis.

Attention! If back pain for more than 2 days, you can immediately proceed to thermal treatments. Do them several times a day, and all will be well.