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Acute back pain in the coccyx area

A Message from Catherine:

Hello! I am 25 years old. Today, close to lunch for the first time in my life I had acute back pain in the coccyx area. It was hard to even walk, let alone sit or lie. Went with the child to the grocery store. Heat... And the stroller to roll need on the curbs up and down. The pain intensified, turned into aching, but the same sharp, with even small physical load, and shoot. Condition is terrible – nauseous and dizzy.

Arriving home and catching his breath, went to wash (you never know, skrutit else, and my head is messy! and how to go to the hospital?). After a warm shower has become much easier, but the pain gradually returned but not as sharp. My daughter already weighs 15 kg (I am 57 kg with height 170 cm), 2 year old and have her in his arms to carry periodically. And I actually have all day on your feet - household chores, and walk in the street 2 times a day for 1.5-2 hours the letter “G” across the Playground to go running after her.

Almost a week crunches 25-30 times (I previously rocked, but they didn't, the pain is different). Almost 1.5 years ago, too, aching back in the lumbar area, but it's the fact that I rocked the baby before going to sleep for an hour or two!


Hello Catherine. Thank you for paying attention to our website. Will try to help, but I expect You are attentive to the health. Of course, I want all the best to give to children, so parents do not pay attention to their health. However, disease accumulate and sooner or later they manifest themselves.

based on your medical history, we came to the conclusion that you may have two options diseases:

  • stretching the muscles of the lower back;
  • spina bifida.

It would, of course, to lean to the first option, since the disappearance of pain after a shower, shows more about what with increased blood circulation relax muscle fibers. It can be assumed that when wearing your baby, You hurt muscular frame back (the complex of muscles that support the spine).

Skeletal muscles are inflamed, so when regular physical activity sdavalsa spinal spine, passing between the gluteal muscles. Presumably the sciatic nerve. When the muscle is relaxed (after a shower the pressure on the nerve weakened). By the way, in medicine this phenomenon is called the syndrome of the gluteal muscles.

The Second option you have intervertebral hernia, you clear history data for diagnosis no. If you dropped the intervertebral disc in the lumbar spine and impinge on the nerve root, severe pain persists after a shower. Usually it even restricts the mobility of people and requires bed rest. Pain recedes for a time after the rest.

What can you advise You, Catherine. You should do an MRI of the lumbosacral spine to reveal or exclude a hernia.

I do Not advise to carry the baby in her arms. There are also bags baby carriers that evenly distribute the load on his back. Please note, that even therapeutic gymnastics in the herniated involves lifting women up to 3 kilograms of weight, and You raise as much as 15. Health, this approach just will not add.

Regarding swing press also raises a big question. You exercises your doctor has prescribed or decided? The fact that the bench press promotes the straightening of the physiological lordosis in the lumbar spine.

Professional vertebrologists if the infringement of the nerve roots suggest that you first have to strengthen the muscle corset back, and only then to proceed to press. With this approach, back won't bend back when you pumped the muscles of the abdomen.

In your situation, obviously, if such a physical strain on your back will be saved, you should expect lumbago – acute lower back pain with limited mobility.

Our doctors would you x-rays of the lumbar spine in frontal and lateral projections, to examine the state of the vertebrae. Then by reading the neurologist send you for an MRI, after which it would be possible to make a rational decision regarding treatment.

I love the back and more rest!