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Can scoliosis be inherited

Hello, I want to ask: is scoliosis inherited. The Internet has found information that there are theories that the deformation of the spinal column is inherited from father to daughter and mother to son. Is this true? My daughter is growing. Don't want her to have inherited from my curve back.

To physician:

regarding the genetic condition spinal deformities most of the domestic doctors no doubt. In practice we found that often members of the same family manifested scoliosis for several generations.

It may be due to muscle weakness, impaired function of the enzymes responsible for the production of cartilage tissue, the abnormal metabolism of trace elements (calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3).

scoliosis is inherited from parents to childrenthe Primary sign of potential back problems in the future the child is damage to dental tissue. Its strength depends on the concentration of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.

And There are scientific studies on this subject. They were held in America, doctors honey. School University in St. Louis. They found that a mutation in the gene CHD7 leads to a curvature of the spine, which experts classify as "idiopathic".

This form of the disease affects teenagers and children from the earliest years before puberty. Due to a defect gene disrupts the synthesis of protein responsible for the formation of cartilage and bone.

If in the early stages to identify congenital mutation in the gene CHD7, can prevent severe complications and even death of the child. However, genetic karyotyping of this locus in our country is still not done, but let's hope that in the near future the study will appear.

As for the transmission from father to daughter and mother to son, scientific data on this issue has not been obtained. Judgments about it based only on the detection of indirect signs of the presence of the lateral deformation of the spine in family members of different sex.

Medicine is based only on confirmed science information, therefore, cannot take into account the higher frequency of the presence of scoliosis in family members. After all, when working with patients cannot exist empirical treatment based on guesses.

Agree, in this case there is the probability that people eat poor quality food, or are in the adverse effects of physical factors (e.g. electromagnetic radiation). If this is the case consider that the deformation of the spine of their hereditary, can greatly harm when choosing the wrong treatment tactics.