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What is the required power for scoliosis of the spine

Explain exactly how to organize a proper diet for scoliosis, because the Internet recommend a lot of different diets. They are all significantly different both on structure composition and content of trace elements. Do not want to eat everything, because you can worsen the case.

To physician:

Indeed, the nutrition for scoliosis requires a thorough analysis, not only because of shortages of calcium in the vertebrae leads to their deformation. On the background of pathologies of the metabolism, so many substances are not absorbed.

If you analyze the advice of nutritionists regarding the quality of the food when the lateral deformation of the spinal column, you can see that in many professional diets are recommendations on the use of porcine cartilage in the form of jellied minced meat, grout and so on.

healthy nutrition for scoliosis

These councils have a right to exist, as it is often the basis of the pathological curvatures of the spine are changes of the intervertebral discs, which are cartilaginous structure. With a shortage of nutrients the discs cracked and the spine is deformed. The use of porcine cartilage theoretically could lead to recovery of cartilage tissue, but it is necessary to constantly monitor the level of cholesterol, as these products are saturated fatty acids.

In second place On the importance of micronutrients in the diet are calcium, phosphorus, manganese and potassium, essential for the normal formation of bone and muscular systems. They help to avoid rarefaction of bone tissue (osteoporosis). The maximum amount of calcium in the kidneys, fresh eggs, heart, liver and cheese.

Phosphorus is found in beets, nuts, cabbage, corn flour and fish. To cover the deficit of magnesium in the daily diet tips to eat more spinach, legumes, cucumbers. Manganese – cheese, kidneys, vegetables, melon, artichoke, liver, carrots, pumpkin.

To preserve the normal structure of bone tissue is required in the diet contained not only calcium, but also vitamin D3. Without it calcium will not be assimilated by bone tissue. To enhance the effect of the formation of vitamin D suggest that you often keep out of the sun. When exposed to ultraviolet light this compound is formed in the skin.

Special attention should be given ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It is an antioxidant and helps fight toxic substances.

Remember that ascorbic acid is excreted daily in the urine, so the body needs constant replenishment.

It is found in citrus fruits, sauerkraut, sweet peppers, plums, pears and apples.

Of Course, we do not recommend daily to consume the entire above list of products. Simply choose from the more affordable price range, vegetables and fruits, and eat a diet so that it contained everything needed for scoliosis vitamins and minerals.