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What to do if you start to ache in the lumbar region


Hello, I have started to hurt the back a little higher and in the lower back. Can you tell me what I should do.


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pain in the lumbar regionwith Regards to Your particular case I would like to have the description of symptoms was more detailed. The fact is that lower back pain at a young age there are a variety of reasons, among which in first place are gynecological problems and diseases of the genitourinary system. Specified localization of the pain syndrome is likely indicative of pathology of the kidneys, but it could be compression of nerves in the lumbar vertebral column.

The Second most common cause in young is scoliosis of the spine (lateral curvature) in the thoracic region. It leads to the infringement of the nerve roots that may cause pain.

To Talk about the medication without a diagnosis of the causes of pathology is quite difficult. Temporary elimination of pain by using painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs will not cure the disease.

That is, the given data are too few to recommend anything. I can advise in this case only an appeal to a primary care physician, who will prescribe laboratory and instrumental methods of investigation and on the basis of their results will establish the reasons for the discomfort. Without an accurate diagnosis, taking medication is not necessary, as this will only aggravate the condition and interfere with the doctor to identify the etiology of the disease.