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Pulled a muscle in the neck – now suffers from a sharp pain


Hello! I pulled a muscle in the neck so that the head cannot rotate. I have a sharp pain, tell me, how to get rid of it and how long it will be ?


The Pain from the inflamed muscles continue to average 1 to 3 weeks. They arise from inflammatory changes in the muscular-ligamentous apparatus, as well as possible compression of the nerve roots in the thickness of muscle tissue. Sharp pain show, just about compression syndrome.

pulled neck muscle

The Treatment of inflammatory changes in myositis classic – steroidal anti-inflammatory agents. It will be enough to take 2 times a day on a bag of nimesulide. From folk remedies can recommend warming up the neck and chamomile compresses on the neck.

In the integuments over the inflamed muscle can RUB the warming and pain ointment (Fastum gel). To normalize the blood supply in the damaged mouse and accelerate healing we also recommend you heparin ointment.

In Order not to provoke complications of the disease, should avoid sudden head movements, lifting heavy objects. Perhaps the limited mobility of the cervical spine through the use of support corsets.

Rest, limiting loads for the upper body and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs is the basis of the basic treatment of injuries of the skeletal muscles.