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What is the danger of rib hump if scoliosis of 2 degrees

I have formed a rib hump if scoliosis of 2 degrees. With the back in the upper part of the protrudes much ago. When sitting at a computer occurs aching pain in the spine. How to treat hyperkyphosis and should I do it?

To physician:

rib hump is always accompanied by deformity of the chest. It becomes asymmetric, and the magnitude of the intercostal spaces varies considerably even on one side. In this case the ribs do not lie evenly in the vertical plane.

These features for scoliosis drew the attention of doctors still known physiotherapist Katharina Schroth developed his own set of exercises to correct the curvature of the chest. Pathology is dangerous because it leads to respiratory and cardiovascular failure.

heart disease occurs because of violations of the right functionality to its cameras. Besides the painful syndrome behind a breast bone pathology is accompanied by increased blood pressure. In combination with compression of the lungs heart failure leads to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in organs and tissues.

rib hump if scoliosisUsually in addition to the classic symptoms of hyperkyphosis (rib hump deformity of the chest) is even lumbar cushion. It is due to a rotational displacement of vertebrae, which often occurs in scoliosis.

The Cushion is a pronounced skin fold, which is located in the lumbar region. Rotational displacement is additionally leads to different leg lengths. In this case, shorter leg must be provided a special lining.

with regard to operative treatment of lateral curvature of the spine, usually carried out when the value of curvature deformation identified on radiographs by the Cobb method, of not less than 40 degrees. In a smaller displacement, surgical treatment is not recommended because it is associated with some side effects, the main one being complete immobilization of the fixed segment of the spine.

From medical methods when the rib hump orthopaedic traumatologists recommend wearing a corrective corset. In its structure contains metal inserts that actively put pressure on the area of the scoliotic arc, which helps offset the vertebral axis in the physiological direction.