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Cutting pain near kidneys after exercise


Hello dear doctors. I have to say that the kidney problems I never had. By profession I am a chef and my weight is 102 with the growth of 182, I decided to do the stationary bike and exercises for the abs and sides. About a month all was well, but yesterday shows he was overzealous.

After training and soul (though he was cool), after about an hour sat at the computer and from the right side somewhere near the spine or the kidneys first started cutting, then contractive pain, extending slightly in the leg. I was terrified, having suffered ten minutes drank no-Spa, but after an hour gidazepam. The place is smeared with Fanigan, and after stuck a pepper patch. An hour later the pain was gone in the area of the prostate, but it quickly passed.

Today it seems doesn't hurt, but occasionally, as it compresses and it seems that gurgles, but not painful. Feel listless small, but I think from yesterday's shock. Meryl temperature – normal, urine was clean.

Forgot to say that I have degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, osteoarthritis of the cervical and thoracic, as well as in childhood knocked three vertebral disk, but it seems they were right. Was engaged in weightlifting and bought all this stuff. Tell me, is not very scary it is and what to do in such situations. Thank you very much!!!!


Alexander – everything is good in moderation! Analyzing your medical history, we would suggest hypothermia injured muscles. Pain occurred due to spasmodic contraction of muscles or inflammatory changes (myositis). You can check this finger feeling. When muscles spasm it becomes compacted throughout, and when inflammation is felt a local thickening.

cutting pain in the side near the kidneys

Very well Alexander, what do you do gymnastics. The Golden rule in the treatment of diseases of the spine – gently to amplify the amplitude and strength exercises, and only after the "pumping" of all muscle groups.

It is Very important that after training someone fingers probed the muscles, to prevent incorrect exercises that lead to spasms of individual muscle groups. Such "stagnation" are long, and they will be strengthened on the background of successive training.

From 4 patients neurologist, osteochondrosis occurs in 3. Arthrosis of the intervertebral joints is a consequence of degenerative processes in the spine. Over the years, they are also inevitable.

About "knocked 3 vertebral disk" and their subsequent reduction to think that it was only a subluxation of the vertebral bodies. If the intervertebral discs fell out, would be observed vertebral fractures. To straighten them back would be impossible.

In General, neurological classics of the genre – a manifestation of degenerative-dystrophic process. To treat it by gymnastics, the normalization of food, physiotherapy and pharmaceutical preparations of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and chondroprotectors.

About myositis: if he runs independently, you can not take effort. If there is a nagging pain is enough of nimesulide or Naiza. You should not drink a whole pile of drugs unreasonably.