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Sharp lower back pain after removal of herniated disc l4-l5


After surgery to remove a herniated l4-l5 plagued by sharp pain in the lower back. This can't really walk. The waist enough so that even screaming in pain in the supine position. What to do? Get physiotherapy.


Pulling postoperative pain appears in case of irritation of the nerve receptors in the affected tissues when the surgical incision – this is normal. Strong pain after 2 weeks after surgery normal is not observed. The reasons it is necessary to guess only. Clearly, the pathogenetic link is not compression of the nerve roots, intervertebral hernia, so the surgery was performed to remove it.

In our opinion, in this situation, no additional examination is not necessary. To alleviate the condition we would appoint medicines group non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, Ketorolac) and muscle relaxants (mydocalm, timidity) to remove the inflammatory changes and the elimination of compression of the nerve roots in the muscle tissue.

Postoperative pain may also occur due to the formation of postoperative adhesions or scarring. In this situation, you should contact the surgeon who conducted the operation.

Given the high intensity of pain, in this situation we can assume all the same inflammatory changes in the soft tissues of the vertebral column, which increase the pressure on the spinal cord. Need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Add to physical therapy nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (but only if there are no ulcers in the intestine). Little or no side effect on the intestines selective anti-inflammatory drugs (nimesulide, Nise). If the pain continues, you should ask the doctor to prescribe steroid hormones, or spend novocaine blockade (depending on your state).