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What sanatorium for the treatment of scoliosis is the best and is it worth paying for them?

I would Like to know how a sanatorium for the treatment of scoliosis justify their purpose. Is it worth paying that kind of money for a monthly course stay in them or better spending money on a good massage therapist or chiropractor?

To physician:

Thanks for the interesting and topical issue. Indeed, choosing a sanatorium for the treatment of scoliosis, the person in the first place stops overpriced for the services. This approach these institutions due to the necessity of keeping a staff of qualified specialists and high-tech equipment.

Our answer does not pretend to the truth, because every doctor evaluates the need for the use of certain methods of treatment of the patient on the basis of practical and theoretical skills, and after personal study of pathology features.

If the patient is interested in quality at an affordable cost, you can offer the health resorts of the CIS countries. For example, the Belarusian sanatorium "rainbow" is positive feedback from our patients.

sanatorium named after N. K. Krupskaya in YaltaFrom home options can offer a hospital-sanatorium "Polushkino", staffed by qualified instructors of physical therapy. The cost of their services are reasonable.

In both institutions do not correct scoliosis, but only stop its development. This is understandable, since the complete correction of deformity is necessary for at least one year, and in motels a person spends only a few months. The same features characterize the Tourist in the suburbs, orthopedic sanatorium of Svetlogorsk in Kaliningrad region.

In these medical institutions, there is reasonable price range and quality services.

Of Course, if health do not mind the money, we can recommend the Gelendzhik, where they accept children from 3 to 14 years. Sanatorium named after N. K. Krupskaya in Evpatoria is one of the best equipped. There will be several types of exercise therapy, electro - mud treatment, thermal and water treatments, massage, physiotherapy and many more useful for kolyasnikov procedures.

For patients with S-shaped curvature of the spine 2 and 3 degrees suggest professional institutions. For example, the recovery center of pediatric orthopedics and traumatology "Spark".