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Severe back pain in the mornings, especially under my left shoulder blade


Hello, I'm 23 years old, for about 2 months have back pain. I am at work sitting about 8 hours a day. Every day from 4 till 4:30 in the morning a strong lingering pain in my back (mostly under my left shoulder blade), regardless of the situation.

The Pain subsides within 20 minutes of doing the activity standing up. If you go on to bed, my back continues to ache, you have to drink pain killers to Dospat until morning. But then during the day almost no pain, sometimes a light nagging pain under the left shoulder blade. After performing a series of exercises for the spine the pain is less. Tell me that in my case it is better to do?


Hello Vladimir. It is obvious that your problems are related to the spine, as amplified in the supine position, when the mattress presses on the spinous processes of the vertebrae. Hence, it is clear that your bed should be more ortopedichnye. Purchase a soft mattress to neutralize the pain.

severe back pain in the morning under the left scapula

The appointment of a corset or a posture corrector can be solved only after analyzing the condition of your spine on x-rays or computer tomograms.

based On the analysis of your complaints it is possible to assume the presence of unstable vertebrae, as in the standing position pain immediately goes away. In such a situation must be wearing orthopedic corset.

Occurs and another interesting aspect of the issue. If 8 hours you spend sitting and slouching may spastic muscle contraction. For this reason it is possible to conduct a practical experiment (though this is at odds with the canons of medicine). At bedtime you can take a muscle relaxant (for example, midokalma). If the pain at night does not occur, then it is caused by infringement of the nerve fibers in the thickness of muscle tissue. In this situation, the pathology can be eliminated by massage and posture correction.