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What you can perform strength exercises with protrusion of the disc l5-s1

A Message from Eugene:

Hello! I have disc protrusion l5-s1. Tell me, what strength exercises (pull UPS, push UPS, press) you can do and how, and what is absolutely impossible.


Hello Eugene. Strength training in the pathology of the spine should be done with caution. We would not advise protrusion at L5-S1 to lift weights, perform a deadlift and dumbbells. Otherwise you can trigger the transformation protrusion, intervertebral hernia.

Pulling up some neurologists do not recommend, while others believe that the best way to prevent pain. Such contradictions due to the fact that any careless or sudden movement in the pathology of the spine that may exacerbate the disease.

Push-UPS strengthen the muscles of the back, but they should not be too hard to get involved. Initially, it is recommended to perform 10-15 exercises 3 times a day and keep track of your feelings. It is essential to avoid discomfort. If you do not receive pain you can gradually build up the number of repetitions (10 per day).

The bench press strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, which can be contraindicated when increased lumbar lordosis. In General, the question regarding the selection of therapeutic exercises for the protrusions and hernias of intervertebral should be chosen by the doctor individually depending on features of the disease in each individual.