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The girl 8 years grade 3-4 scoliosis and syringomyelia

A Message from Sofia:

At the age of 8 my daughter had surgery for scoliosis, put the SD design. Before surgery noticed that lost power on one hand (on the right), and began to limp with. After the operation the strength of the tone also decreases, the limp became more and hand almost does not move. The length of the legs measured are all normal.

Showed the neurosurgeons told syringomyelia Arnold Chiari stage 1 and had surgery (decompression of the Craniovertebral junction).

I had almost all the materials studied on the Internet for these 2 years, she is now 10 years old, she feels the same temperature and never complained about any pain, even when the scoliosis of 3-4 degrees. I don't think it's a case of syringomyelia, I think this is all because of scoliosis. From the point of view of a podiatrist you will tell you what to do and how to be treated? Is it possible to restore the tone or the sensitivity of the muscle? Do we have to wear insoles? And the main question: even if there is a design on the spine may be deformed? When bending forward in the lumbar region a small hump appears and the misalignment of the pelvis.


Good day. When analyzing your description we have several questions that I would like to get answers to more full something to recommend:

  1. For whatever reason your child has scoliosis of 3-4 degrees?
  2. That causes the loss of tone of the muscles of the right half of the body. If the child has no pain, it is unlikely that the impaired innervation is due to a compression syndrome on the background of spinal curvature in a lateral plane;
  3. For what reason was assigned to wearing the insoles, if the length of the legs equal?

It Should be understood that scoliosis of 3-4 degrees in a child of 8 years is rare. It must be a rational reason.

with the rapid growth of the body, when the muscles do not have time for the spine, can be a curvature of 1-2 degrees, but to the 4th degree!

Medical experience tells me that in this situation there is organic pathology of the spinal cord or brain, which disrupts the innervation of skeletal muscle. When muscles are weak, they do not support the spinal axis in the correct position. In such a situation, the spine is deformed quickly. Most likely, a similar pattern emerged in your case.

This clinic is observed in syringomyelia, and cerebral palsy.

If the violation of the tone was due to the scoliosis, that would be acute and sharp pains due to compression of nerve fibers.

To restore the tone of, you, probably, prescribe exercise therapy to be performed regularly over several years, drugs to improve the trophic properties of muscle tissue and prevent cerebral hypoxia.

Our advice: no wonder why there is a decrease of muscle tonus, and to perform magnetic resonance imaging spinal cord and brain. The study will show areas of narrowing or organic pathology. Only if it confirms the absence of pathology of the brain and spinal cord, it is possible to think that the cause of the disease – scoliosis.

Note that the tactics of the treatment of curvatures of the spine and brain pathology differs radically, so without identifying the actual causes, it is difficult to advise, not to harm.