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Was the scoliosis in any of celebrities and how they got rid of him

I Have C-shaped scoliosis of 3 degree and I'm too worried about appearance. When wearing something slinky or lean – complex about the appearance.

I'm interesting and cute girl (so say the boys), but personal life is still not developed. I think people notice my flaw and it repels them. So you want to be healthy! Terrible complex have since childhood. I would like to know, does the scoliosis in celebrities never existed? Maybe there are some effective ways to quickly get rid of it. I think that soon will be all alone. Please help!!!

To physician:

I would Like to reassure the reader – effective ways of getting rid of lateral displacement of the spine 3 degrees exist. With the help of surgical treatment can restore the correct position of the vertebral axis. However, with limited mobility, but over time and this problem will be to get rid. Scoliosis is not a sentence.

Elizabeth Taylor had scoliosisof Course, if the girl was engaged in treatment of the disease from an early age, most likely, the operation would not be needed, but in this situation it is possible to help her. The spinal hump is just the wrong model fit and non-compliance with hygiene of the spine for several years.

As for the scoliosis in celebrities, there are many examples of how the stars got rid of pathology. For example, Leanne Roberts had an S-shaped deformation front in adolescence, but were able to correct it without surgery through daily execution of gymnastic exercises.

Senator of Italy Giulio Andreotti was nicknamed "the hunchback" for specific back condition. He is also actively engaged him and was able to beat the disease.

Such celebrities as Liza Minnelli, Kurt Cobain, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Elizabeth Taylor also cured the pathological curvature. However, with the help of cosmetic surgeons.

In General, do not be upset for the disease, and to engage in active treatment. All will be well! You should only trust qualified doctors and follow their advice. The only way to guarantee recovery of the vertical axis of the body and to prevent serious complications that probably already exist in readers (pain, swelling in the legs, impaired urination).