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Tore off the back, pain in the lumbosacral and left leg is numb

A Message from Anastasia:

Hello, my husband 29 years. In may 2013 stripped back at the factory (works as electrolitica). Pain in the lumbosacral, slightly numb left leg, the leg pulled. Husband took a picture, the diagnosis of lumbago with displacement of L5 to the anterior wall 5 mm. The Neurologist prescribed to administer injections (Artrozan, Combilipen, Movalis) intramuscularly and smear Vectorengineer.

The Procedure we did, a little bit better. But in July 2013 my husband has also been bad, leg was more numb. We went to see the doctor of manual therapy, we have appointed manualku easy three sessions, point skalyvanie drugs (Movalis, mydocalm, combilipen) directly in the lumbar area. My husband has become easier, the foot became less numb and it ceased to pull. One year has passed and G. 11.08.2014 after the change in the morning my husband barely got up from the couch, all twisted, with pain in the lower back drove to the hospital. There I received pain medication (Dimedrol + analgin), took a shot, made on the image description.

The Forward displacement of the L5 about 9 mm. The cleft of the interarticular bow L5. The reduced height of L5-S1, without compactdyn changes. Conclusion: analyses L5 stage 1 on the background of the cleft of the interarticular bow L5. Osteochondrosis of the L5-S1 II.

Ordered to put Movalis 1,5 ml for 6 days., combilipen and alflutop 2 ml for 10 days. Ointment prescribed of MCS AlexClimb. Shots said come to put in the clinic. I read that alflutop should be put in lumbosacral the first few days, and then you can and intramuscularly.

Husband is home he crawls on all fours to the toilet and back 2 times a day, the rest of the time he is in a horizontal position. Injections have started to put last night all intramuscularly. Today they called an ambulance, the doctor said to be hospitalized today will not be, as so little time has passed since the treatment injections. 13.08.2014 G. If you can't get better then we'll take you to the hospital. Tell me what about us??? Something advise, maybe... A certain treatment or to insist on hospitalization? Do I need surgery or can be cured without surgery.


Hello. Thanks for the detailed description of the history. On the basis of the clinical picture and findings of magnetic resonance imaging, it is obvious that the instability of the L5 vertebra with anterior displacement progresses. Due to the hard work it will gradually increase. Pain, sadly, but will increase.

The Cause of the instability is also known – the interarticular cleft arch of the 5th lumbar vertebra. Such pathology in most cases is hereditary. It leads to increased mobility in the spinal segment. Localization at the level of L5-S1 is the typical localization of pathology.

Answering the question of what to do, obviously, need surgery. With its help, will be able to consolidate damaged Department. The only way to eliminate compression syndrome. Unfortunately, anti-inflammatory and painkillers will only bring temporary relief.

At the time of acute illness recommend strict bed rest and wearing of a supporting corset. Orthopedic product will prevent the offset L5. If the job involves frequent bending and lifting heavy objects, it should better be abandoned. Health is more important.

In your case, but sadly, compression syndrome will progress. Over time without surgery it will lead to disability because of a violation of the mobility of the muscles of the lower extremities on the background of compression of the spinal nerves.

Our advice in this case is faster to solve the defect of the interarticular arch surgery. The only way to get rid of back pain.