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How to fix the dorsal hump girl


I Have two little girls and has a dorsal hump, weight 40kg.


Hello Elena! Don't quite understand the issue. You probably want to ask how to effectively correct vertebral hump in a short time? Or you have pain in the back when wearing a baby in her arms?

dorsal humpsorry, quickly remove vertebral hump will not work. He formed for several years and is accompanied by deformation of the thoracic kyphosis. To correct Hyper-kyphosis requires lengthy and regular exercise to strengthen back muscles. In combination with it is often prescribed massage and warming.

The Pathology is formed on the background of degenerative changes in the body (lack of nutrients, blood supply disturbance). Your low weight probably arose against the background of insufficient intake of nutrients or violation of the diet. It is obvious that for the treatment of spinal hump in this situation, you balanced and regular meals.

We can recommend first preventing further curvature of the spine. To do this:

  1. Arrange the bed so that she wasn't too soft, but not cause pain. Cushion thickness should not exceed 10 cm;
  2. Sedentary lifestyle contributes to the fact that the back muscles get tired. To eliminate this negative phenomenon, it is necessary between the back and chair when sitting place a small cushion. Try 15-20 minutes of seat to get up and exercise.

Physical therapy is prescribed individually after the examination of the vertebral column.