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Spina bifida and hydrocephalus in a child


Granddaughter 8 days, we live in Kazakhstan, was diagnosed with edema of the brain and spinal hernia. Tomorrow will be the one to do the crown – here we are afraid to do surgery on a hernia. This too rapid development, or both.


Good afternoon Elena. Of course, spina bifida independently the child does not disappear. If doctors recommend an operation, then it should be done. Please note, the hernia, it is desirable to operate before the development of complications:

  • Strong pain syndrome;
  • Loss of skin sensation
  • Immobilization of the lower extremities (paresis and paralysis);
  • Trophic disorders.

Hydrocephalus is a direct contraindication for surgical treatment.

If child has had the surgery to remove the dropsy, I advise you to go through the rehabilitation period, so the body has recovered from the surgery and not have any complications.

I Think in a few months, doctors will be able to solve the problem of surgical treatment of spinal hernia. The decision is influenced by many factors: the degree of "neocryte" the spinal cord's protective sheath, the child's condition, etc.

It is Obvious that he has an inborn tendency to pathology of brain tissue. The decision on the tactics of treatment should be entrusted with qualified physicians. Should be taken into account, the earlier the operation, the more favorable forecast of development of the baby.