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Do with spondylolisthesis in the army

Tell me, please, take with 1st degree spondylolisthesis in the cervical spine in the army. I even have attacks of loss of consciousness met. Recently received a summons to the military enlistment office.

To physician:

According to paragraph "b" of article 66:

  • a Temporary reprieve from military service, the conscripts receive a minor dysfunction of the spinal column.

spondylolisthesisPrecisely this type of violations can be attributed to the 1 degree spondylolisthesis in the cervical spine. The fact that the displacement of the vertebrae occurs due to fractures of the arch or the bone of the vertebrae that causes compression of nerves and blood vessels.

Over time the fracture grows, so if not observed neurological manifestations of the disease, sensory disturbance of the skin and headaches, most likely, you are found fit for service.

To confirm that complications have arisen recently, you will need to provide all of the extract from the ambulatory card or medical history about which pathology you have had in the near future.

If the last time neurological manifestations were observed 2 years ago, the Commission will send you to a leading traumatologist and a neurologist, who assigned to the military enlistment office. When these practitioners will not discover signs of pathology, you are found fit. Even if revealed some irregularities, you can count on a maximum deferral until the next call.

When spondylolisthesis 2-4 degree military service is not shown under category "a" of article 66:

  • Spondylolisthesis of the cervical spine with instability of the vertebrae, 3-4 degree offset more than half transverse diameter of the vertebral body instability or pain.

It Should be understood that 2 the degree of pathology is a border and it interprets the Commission at its discretion depending on clinical manifestations of the disease in humans.