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Heaviness in lower back pain goes into the hip and is worse when walking

Question from Galina.

Heaviness in the lower part of the waist turning into hips. The more I go, the stronger the gravity!

To physician:

Hello Galina. I would like to learn how to manifest the "gravity in the lower part of the waist". I guess you mean pain or limited mobility? Please describe more specifically your symptoms, so we can navigate on their reasons.

heaviness in the lower backI would Like to note that the stiffness in the morning and the back pain show is mostly about diseases of the lumbar spine. The fact is that while sleeping a firm mattress is the pressure on spinous processes of the vertebrae, so they don't "rest" at night. Blood supply disturbance in the area of damage leads to stagnation, which leads to lower back stiffness in the morning. It disappears on its own within a few hours after the person starts to walk.

similar mechanism is formed by pain caused by pinched nerves in the lumbar spine. Irradiation of the pain in the lower extremities occurs when damage to the nerve roots at the L2-S1. To occur these symptoms may be as due to intervertebral hernia, located medial or parauterine, and due to the deformation of the vertebral axis (increased lordosis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis).

when you walk and the weight increases, it is possible to suggest a herniated disk, which puts pressure on nerves. To establish a more detailed diagnosis, it is recommended to perform magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbar spine. Only after receiving their results you can solve the problem on tactics of treatment of the disease.