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What is moderate spondylosis, and can I get rid of it

Tell me, please, what is moderate spondylosis, and how to treat it. My doctor has put this diagnosis and recommended crasher dicloberl and drink alflutop. For six months, carry out such recommendations, but as aching, and sore.

To physician:

Mild spondylosis occurs on the background of formation of bony osteophytes in the ligaments of the vertebral column that do not lead to severe impairment of the nerve roots. Periodic back pain in the pathology occur on the background of spastic muscle contractions and stretching of the affected ligament at the corners of the trunk, flexion and extension of the body.
moderate spondylosis on x-ray

Usually with moderate spondylosis osteophytes are anterolateral localization, where are the spinal roots. Back pain pathology cause bony growths in the back of the spine. In such a situation appears radicular pain syndrome. He "spilled" without a clear localization. To determine the location of compression of the nerve fibres in such a situation is possible when digital examination of the spine. This will be soreness in the paravertebral points near which are located the osteophytes.

unfortunately, etiologic treatment of the disease does not exist. The doctors treat every patient with spondylosis and choose the optimal scheme of therapy. It may include anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, chondroprotectors, physiotherapy and wearing a support corset.