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Pain in posterolateral extrusion of intervertebral disc l5-s1

A Message from Paul:

Good evening!

I ask for your recommendations.

In a Separate file I put the conclusion MRI (picture I unfortunately do not), which I question.

Protocol, a description of the picture MRI of the lumbosacral spine

Is it Possible with this diagnosis to stand up and move around. For a long time waiting for a specialist. And two weeks ago the father is so twisted that he was not to stand and sit independently. In our clinic first asked whether someone to administer injections? Answered “Yes”. And they sent us back home. Every day she puts xefocam and something else. Nothing helps and nothing goes as promised.

Please Tell me whether you can stand up and whether, if the pain is unbearable? Properly prescribed xefocam, if there are no changes?


Good evening Paul. In acute lower back pain, definitely, requires strict bed rest. Any careless movement in this situation is able to provoke lumbago. When pain becomes less, you can apply physiotherapy, massage and other treatments to strengthen the muscles of the back.

However, in this case, compression of the dural SAC of the spinal cord, so any careless movement will provoke pain. Consequently, it is not advised to pick their own exercise therapy.

In such a situation it is difficult to recommend effective treatment, in addition to the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and novocaine blockades. In your case, the doctors prescribed xefocam to relieve the inflammation and to numb the nerve roots in the dural SAC by a strangled. You can assign other drugs of the NSAIDs group, but they all operates on the similar mechanism.

we Recommend you to get out of bed slowly, leaning on hands. Not to make any sudden movements when walking. Food eat more jellied minced meat and foods containing gelatin. They will help to strengthen the intervertebral discs and prevent further progression of osteoarthritis.

And about the "no changes" on MRI installed predgrupa final stage ("extrusion L5-S1") with compression of the s1 nerve. Obviously, your pain, just for this reason.