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Signs, diagnosis and methods of treatment of spinal epidurit

The Development of epidurit of the spine characterized by the appearance of the inflammatory process. In addition, it can damage the hard surface of the meninges and nerve roots coming from it. The disease occurs as a result of development of diseases of an infectious type, but there may be other reasons. Lack of treatment can lead to situation deterioration, therefore, the importance of visiting the hospital is huge. Pathology is divided into two types – acute and chronic. During the acute stage of the process in the epidural space accumulates purulent contents, which sometimes can detect streaks of blood. Such is found only in the diagnosis, as for a puncture.

Surgery for spinal epidurit

risk Factors pathology

the formation of the suppurative process is influenced by some diseases. There are several factors in the development of pathology. The disease can occur in the presence of osteomyelitis or tuberculous processes that occur in the spine. Have an impact on the emergence of pathology and infectious diseases. There was a proliferation of bacteria in the blood stream that causes illness. In some cases, can negatively affect surgery. This may occur during the puncture. Thus, the development of disease is influenced by the following factors:

  1. the Presence in the patient of the infection.
  2. the Presence of purulent focus, which causes the appearance of pus in the spine.
  3. infection in surgical intervention.
  4. the Presence of tuberculosis in the spine.
  5. Destruction of the vertebrae can also trigger an inflammatory process.

The Disease begins to manifest quite dramatically. The patient is fever, meningeal signs appear. In place of lesions formed pain. Amplification occurs during coughing, breathing and the execution of certain actions. In some cases, the pain can give in the limb. After a few days of pain in the spinal division the patient has weakness in the legs, and functions of the small pelvis can be broken. Such a violation may be complete or partial in nature. If untreated, the symptoms subsided, this does not indicate recovery. The process moved into a chronic stage, so the patient after some time will remember pathology. Diagnosis when spinal epidurit nothing complicated. Following the inspection, the specialist can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

the Danger of the disease and its diagnosis

Many people believe that pathology will be held at independent use of antibiotic drugs and painkillers. This view is mistaken, because in addition to the transition of the disease into the chronic stage there is the chance of developing other inflammatory processes. There is the risk of developing many complications. These include the formation of phlegmon or abscess in the epidural space. After the lumbar puncture is the probability of the purulent types of meningitis. The disease will be focused in the lumbosacral. Inflammation of the spinal meninges may also be a consequence of the development of pathology.

The Disease can make a person incapable of normal life, heavily worsen the condition. About any work, it is also possible to forget in such a case. Spinal epidurit is an insidious disease that requires immediately seek help from professionals. You need to make a diagnosis, which includes several ways. Laboratory analyses can confirm or refute the presence of an inflammatory process. Lumbar puncture is performed, which can be used to receive the purulent contents. When lumbar puncture revealed the presence of protein in increased quantities and determined the degree of blockade subarachnoid space. Best informative have a computer and magnetic resonance imaging.

treatment and prognosis

The Effectiveness of treatment strongly depends on the starting time of the elimination of the disease. In the initial stages of the disease is eliminated relatively quickly. It is important to follow the rules of treatment that will allow you to achieve the best result. Of great importance is the cause of pathology and the dissemination of epidurit. Some cases are characterized by the inability to eliminate pathology, so the patient remains disabled for life. The main tactic of eliminating the disease – the elimination of the causes of disease. The presence of a hernia of the spine and its impact on the formation of epidurit requires the removal of the bulge. This is done using operational methods. During the penetration of bacteria from the source you want to detect it and eliminate.

The Epidural space can be cleared with the intervention of a surgeon. The resulting pus is completely removed, the drainage is performed after the completion of operational activities. After these procedures the doctors prescribe medication.The disease is treated with antibiotics that help to eliminate the inflammatory process and pain syndrome. As a subsidiary means of glucocorticoid medications are used type. Of great importance is the observance of a sick regime. Should reduce physical exertion or stop them completely, in many cases, the patient relies on bed rest. Thus, the first signs of the inflammatory process, manifested by malaise, and pain should be a strong reason for going to the doctor. The pathology treatment at home using traditional medicine may lead to bad result if the patient has not previously consulted with a doctor and did not pass diagnostics.

Adherence, and following the doctor's instructions is mandatory for the patient.