Multiple sclerosis, pregnancy and childbirth tactics

Multiple sclerosis and pregnancy – this dilemma bothered a very large number of women. The most important thing is happiness for women lies in motherhood. But what about if the woman is sick, and doctors put her very disappointing diagnosis of multiple sclerosis? Experts recently concluded that pregnancy and delivery is possible with such a serious illness. After quite a long time and after numerous researches, scientists, doctors determined that the disease does not affect the ability of women to carry and birth a healthy baby. That is, the reproductive function is not affected. But the risk of such complications as intrauterine growth retardation still exists.

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Checklist for women planning pregnancy

Some important points in the pregnancy for these women it is worth Recalling. Most importantly, there is no restriction on the number of planned pregnancies and births. That is, this disease can give birth to two, three, and five times. But that's only if there are no complications for other diseases.

But we can not say that pregnancy is not recommended to take those drugs which are prescribed for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. This is due to the obvious teratogenic effect, i.e. direct effect of these drugs on the developing fetus. However, it often happens that the woman learns of pregnancy have a 3-4 week, and cancel the medicine have dramatically. This does not Bode well and may lead to exacerbation of the underlying disease. That is why doctors recommend that women who have multiple sclerosis, pre-plan the birth of your baby and adjust the course of treatment with your doctor. Abortion is also not recommended because of possible negative consequences.

Multiple sclerosis

A Little honey. Risk of complications in the course of multiple sclerosis during pregnancy is markedly reduced. And, even if such occurs, for the relief of this condition you can apply intravenous infusion of glucocorticoid hormones, which stop the progression of the exacerbation. A perfect contra-indication against pregnancy when the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can only be a very severe course of the disease, when a woman is almost unable to move normally. But, according to medical statistics, this form is very rare.

Multiple sclerosis and childbirth

Immediately need to reassure women who suffer from such an insidious disease, like Multiple Sclerosis.

The Need for the cesarean section in childbirth occurs no more often than in other cases, the pathology of labor.

Genera differ only in that diseased woman in labor tired a lot stronger than healthy women. And in the process of labor activity not to miss a single episode of contractions.

Correct breathing during childbirth

To baby soon appeared, you need to breathe correctly during the attempts . Doctors who help a woman to give away, should responsibly treat the issue of breathing techniques. This helps the expectant mother, and baby are not in danger of hypoxia of the brain.

Psychological component of motherhood

The Important point is psychological preparation. The opinion of some physicians on the inadmissibility of motherhood in disseminated sclerosis often negatively affects the course of pregnancy and subsequent childbirth. However, you need to listen to the opinion of the vast majority of modern physicians.

There is No objective reason to give up happiness to be a mother even with such a complex disease. This is the main reason that pregnancy and childbirth are not merely possible, but, for many reasons, even desirable.

Therefore, give birth and be happy moms all the troubles out of spite!