How many live with multiple sclerosis

One of the most dangerous diseases – multiple sclerosis, the lifetime depends on the physical and mental condition of the patient. With medication can improve the quality of life in the background of this pathology. If the doctor will advise certain medications and they will be effective, it is likely that the person will not experience serious problems associated with this disease. With proper and timely therapy can get rid of the difficulties associated with the movement, to overcome various mental disorders. Methods of treatment well help people to 40 years.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis

If the disease is detected late, the prognosis is likely to be disappointing.

In this case the patient will be more likely to appear dizzy, experience loss of sensitivity of lower extremities, difficulties with vision.

Consider hard cases. Sometimes happens that during severe mental disorders a person forgets to take medication. It may not apply to specialized clinics, even if he knows is seriously ill. In this case, the patient intentionally shortens life. Statistics show that if complications were detected in people aged 50 years, term life does not exceed 70 years. Multiple sclerosis much shaking hands, there is paralysis of the body. The patient needs the nurse.

Cause of disease

There are many versions regarding the origin of multiple sclerosis. Main cause of this disease is an autoimmune process. If a person has weak immune system, it cannot give an adequate response to the stimulus (disease). There are a lot of prerequisites disease:

Allergy is the cause of multiple sclerosis

  • frequent exposure to toxic substances;
  • environmental background (radiation);
  • UV rays
  • emotional stress, mental disorder;
  • are allergic to anything;
  • trauma
  • unsuccessfully undergone surgery.

It is Important to stress that the disease is not related to hereditary pathologies. The pregnancy of a woman still indicates that she has born an unhealthy child. As for the symptoms, they may appear indistinct. The acute characteristic of multiple sclerosis, may be repeated at various intervals (week, month, year). You must know that every new aggravation of the harder runs, unlike the previous one.

Doctors say that MS is a fickle disease, its early signs are often ignored. This is what leads to such severe consequences. Sometimes a patient concerned about a single symptom, for example, a problem with vision. In such situations, the patient goes to the ophthalmologist. Doctor is unable to identify a serious neurological disorder that also leads to difficulties. The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis poses neurologist.

the Signs of multiple sclerosis

Typical symptoms include the following States:

Dizziness - a symptom of multiple sclerosis

  1. Trembling of hands and feet. If the person you ask to write something, you can see the changes in handwriting.
  2. Loss of coordination. Initially, the patient can move on their own, then to move need outside help.
  3. Rapid eye movement.
  4. Weakening of sensitivity, the disappearance of certain reflexes.
  5. Change the taste. A person ceases get pleasure from food.
  6. Numbness of the limbs.
  7. Vertigo.
  8. Onset of sexual weakness.
  9. Paralysis of the facial and trigeminal nerves. The patient has distortion of the face and mouth, the eyelids are not closed.
  10. Frequent urge to urinate,
  11. vision Problems that can lead to total blindness.
  12. has a Mental disorder. The patient gradually reduced intellectual ability, greater tendency to depression. These disorders are characteristic of cerebral cortical varieties of form RS.

How many people live with this disorder? There are three groups of disability in multiple sclerosis, the life expectancy at each one does not exceed 70 years. With the development of pathology occur the following complications: people with loss of sensation in the extremities, there is a lesion of the brain, there is a weakness in the legs, convulsions, paralysis. While living with multiple sclerosis the patient has a lot of problems, there are involuntary urination and defecation.

the Weakness in legs is a symptom of multiple sclerosis

Indicator to identify disability is the severity of the disease. Taken into consideration all the symptoms that are experienced by the patient:

  1. Disability of the 1 group is assigned to persons who have expressed disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
  2. Disability 2if serious disorders, associated with physical activity.
  3. Disability 3 groups given able-bodied people, they may have minor to moderate movement disorders.


Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects people aged 15-45 years. People after 50 years, the disease rarely appears. If multiple sclerosis is diagnosed in children, the disease has a relatively easy course of, it is important to detect.

medical check-up in multiple sclerosis

Due to the fact that in time the doctor diagnoses and prescribes treatment, changes in the quality of life there is little, in the future, the child can be healthy. Every day specialists undertake the development of new drugs that will improve the quality of life in multiple sclerosis. Studies of the causes and pathogenesis continues. Earlier, at the beginning of the twentieth century, patients with this diagnosis could live not more than 20 years. In the middle of the twentieth century the life of patients lasted. Today, every neurologist knows how to live the patient with such a complex diagnosis.

How many years can a man live upon detection of such diseases? On average 37 years old. If diagnosed acute pathology, the duration is reduced. It is worth emphasizing that multiple sclerosis is a difficult diagnosis. His symptomatology largely similar to that of brain tumor, when the diagnosis can be assumed that in humans are inflamed meninges. If the disease appeared in childhood, you should know that this may be due to improper vaccination against polio.

When a person shows signs of pathology, he experiences a serious impairment of consciousness. Patients concerned about seizures, disorders of coordination. Some patients live longer, others less. The lifespan depends on the mental state of the patient. There may be ulcers and bedsores, as he is unable to care for their own bodies. Bacterial infection can affect tissues and organs, to body care need to be taken very seriously. Complications of this nature become a cause of death of many patients. In some cases, complications may occur that cannot be settled with life: heart attack, respiratory tract, renal failure, infection in the urinary system.