Why there is pain in the elbow joint during physical activity and after it?

Why is there pain in the elbow joint after exercise? This is a question patients often ask the doctor. Pain can be caused by different reasons. However, despite the factors, the symptoms can be very similar.

the Problem of pain in the elbow

Many patients notice stiffness, pain in the elbow cartilage, feeling an ache and backache.

Moreover, after physical activity has increased pain.

How to manifest the pain in the elbow joint?

Causes of pain at the elbow, and symptoms very much. The elbow joint has a complicated structure. It is formed by three bones are covered by cartilage strong. It is necessary for the joint to perform the familiar motion. Moreover, we do not even think how the joint works.

Modern diagnostic methods allow to quickly determine the disease. X-rays are very visible all the components of this joint. Therefore, if timely treatment to the doctor can begin treatment and get rid of the disease. In addition, the first manifestations of the disease occur quite hidden.

Pain at the initial stage is not strong, therefore they can endure a long time. However, they rarely occur without a cause. Most often manifested in the form of a slight indisposition, characterized by lumbago. At the initial stage of the disease, in order to fix them, enough rest or gymnastics.

Taking pain

But gradually the symptoms begin to grow, there is a feeling of discomfort. The majority of patients sees the situation as serious. They use traditional medicines, homeopathy, dubious recipes, which only distort the clinical picture and to temporarily relieve the patient's condition.

As a rule, the pain resulting from wear of the cartilage of the joint. Joints have considerable strength and can withstand a greater load. For a long time, they can withstand large overload, but over the years the joints wear down and the cartilage becomes thinner.

Most Often, the wear and tear of the elbow joint occurs at high physical loads, when weight lifting, as well as appears with age. At risk are athletes and people who work at the computer. Before we treat elbow joint, you need to find out the cause of pain in it.


"tennis Elbow" is characterized in that when performing the movements associated with flexion and extension of elbow when palpating the joint, the patient experiences pain. This pain is characterized by localization from wrist to elbow. This can happen after a workout or when working for long periods in their summer cottage. This disease has the medical name – external epicondylitis. Most often it occurs in people in middle age. Yet such a state is possible after long exercise.

Internal epicondylitis ("golfer's elbow") is a pain, which is localized inside of the arm. On palpation the pain is distinct.

visit to the doctor in a strong long-lasting pain

Today, diseases of the joints are determined by not only the elderly but also in young patients.

In particular, diseases such as arthritis, gout, bursitis, osteoarthritis associated with the deterioration of cartilage in joints and the formation of osteophytes, it is now not uncommon. Often diseases occur at the same time, while the pain is intense and constantly accompanies the person.

The Pain in the elbow joint is sometimes associated with degenerative disc disease. The seriousness of the situation. However, the chondrosis may lead to the fact that the person who appears to be completely healthy, can take away limbs. Most often the disease is chronic and characterized by periodic exacerbations. Small nerve roots disc or vertebrae pinch. This often causes pain, there is loss of sensitivity. Hands do not bend, therefore it seems that the problem is in the elbows.

elbow Pain can be, for example, the consequence of injury with injury. We often travmiruya elbows, for example, when hitting a wall or corner. Such pain is acute, and there is a feeling that the arm is numb. After a while the pain goes away, and it seems that there is no cause for concern. However, it is not. Even if the impact was insignificant in the joint there is a microscopic crack, which can overgrow. However, the more frequently injured joints, the greater the likelihood that over time there will be disease.

Potential risk

If your elbows hurt often, then the cause may be a fracture (open or closed). This pain is characterized by intensity and leads to a complete loss of mobility of the elbow. This changes the structure of the elbow joint, it is connected with violation of blood circulation. The danger of this condition is that canto develop such complications as ischemic contracture of Volkmann.

Symptoms of this condition are very characteristic:

  1. Hands freeze.
  2. Changes the color of the skin in the elbow area.
  3. Painkillers don't help.
  4. the Fingers become swollen.

When performing physically hard work or a sudden movement may occur sudden stretching of the muscle tissue, which sometimes leads to rupture. When the load on the muscles of the shoulder the weight is distributed it is in this area that can cause such injuries. The pain is localized in the elbow, elbow loses its mobility. When you try to bend or straighten the arm it hurts.

If pain occurs with any movement, it can be due to tendonitis. This disease results in acute inflammation of the tendons in the locations where they are attached to the joints.

Epicondylitis – diseases which are diagnosed often enough. The pain is periodic in nature and appear when you perform certain movements. In the remaining periods pain does not bother me. This is because it starts with the inflammation of the muscles. The pain is very severe, and analgesics does not bring relief.

Often the pain in the elbow when the load is associated with inflammation of the ulnar nerve, which can occur in both acute and in the chronic form. Most cases of pain associated with injuries of the joints. Therefore, underestimate the bean is not worth it.

How to eliminate pain syndrome?

The Pain in any part of the body does not appear by itself, is often a very good reason. Many patients are faced with severe diseases of the joints, which will eventually lead to disability.

This is because they were self-medicating. Temporary relief helps to cure disease. You can take analgin or another painkiller, but if the pain is persistent, you need to be treated thoroughly.

Most illnesses can be handled quickly, if you catch them early, before they progress. In most cases you can do without the use of drugs. You need to find and remove the cause of the pain. Therefore, to control the treatment needs a doctor.