Possible causes and treatment of pain in the wrist joint?

Pain in the wrist joint can signal serious health problems: arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, inflammation of joints, ligaments and tendons, arthritis and other serious illnesses. In addition, pain can occur due to sprains, fractures, sprains. Only a specialist can determine the exact cause of pain, after analyzing all the symptoms. This should be done as quickly as possible, so as not to compromise the mobility of joints.

the Problem of pain in the wrist joint

The Wrist of the hand helps to perform various movements, and most of the load goes to him. Therefore, this area is so vulnerable. Quite often pain in the wrist can cause inflammation of nerves and tendons, for example, when damaged cervical spine. However, the pain is directly in the wrist joint can cause arthritis or arthritis. These diseases peculiar deformity of the joints, tumors in the soft tissues and problems with mobility.

Arthritis and arthritis

most Often, various injuries, sprains or fractures provoke osteoarthritis of the wrist joint. the Disease is accompanied by a crunching sound in the joint during movement and pain at certain manipulations, for example, the maximum flexion or extension of the joint. When the hand is at rest, the pain may appear only as a consequence of large loads on the affected joint, which were earlier.

With osteoarthritis of the greatly reduced mobility of the joint, but apparently the disease does not manifest itself and the arm of the patient is almost healthy. Only fractures with displacement can cause severe deformity of the wrist joint affected by osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis also commonly affects the radiocarpal joint.

the Fall is the cause of pain in the wrist joint

The Main difference between osteoarthritis is that severe pain occur it is during the rest period, at night or early in the morning. But when driving the pain may not be as strong, and in the evening at all.

In rheumatoid arthritis greatly affects the appearance of the joint, swelling may also occur. In addition, the affected area may be a "swelling" or "failure" on the background of atrophy of the muscles of the joint.

A Correctly selected therapy will definitely give good result. Treatment of arthrosis or arthritis includes a range of treatments: massage, reflexology, Shockwave therapy, kinesiology, millimeter wave therapy, magnetic-laser therapy and mud. But the most important is the complete protection of the diseased joint of the patient. Your hand is strictly prohibited to overload. When you work with heavy physical loads, it is necessary to protect the joint special orthopedic devices, such as wristbands.

Cause of disease

Injuries, direct blows to the region of the wrist, falling with a support on arm – the most common causes of pain in the joints of the wrist. Such damage in the affected area there is severe pain, the wrist swells up and loses its mobility.

Sports - the cause of pain in the wrist joint

Another common cause of pain – activities of sport, with the sharp grippers and bending of the wrist. These movements typical of tennis, boating or Golf. Power load can cause tendinitis. The anatomical structure of the wrist provokes the emergence of these diseases. Sheath through which tendons pass the wrist, too narrow, and even slight irritant effect on these tendons can lead to the formation of seals.

joint Pain can occur due to carpal tunnel syndrome joint. This disease often affects pregnant women. The main cause of the disease is the increase in body weight and edema. These symptoms are most pronounced in the second and third semesters of pregnancy.

Repetitive stress on the same muscles can cause pain in the wrist joint. Most often they occur in people who are constantly working on the computer (when printing on the keyboard and control the computer mouse). When the wrist is in constant tension and, as a result, hurts. The tendons that are close to the nerve swell. Sometimes you may experience swelling of the nerve. More often affects the joints of the right hand, because right-handers she does most of all movements. In the field of joint discomfort, weakening grip strength, numbness of the hand and palm. This condition is called tunnel syndrome.


You Must have information how to treat the disease, but it is equally important to know methods to warn him. To prevent damage to the wrist will help regular exercises that strengthen his muscles. The occurrence of even a slight discomfort in the wrist area should be a signal to halt or changephysical load on it. When the capture is necessary to use the whole hand, not just fingers. Otherwise you may damage the wrist.

If the work involves the use of vibrating tools, hands should be protected by special gloves, able to support the brush, and also pads to absorb vibration. Special adaptations of the wrist must be protected during active sports.

while working on the computer every hour you must take a break for 5-10 minutes to stretch your fingers, shake hands, do a few squats. To protect yourself from falls and does not injure hands, shoes should choose a comfortable, sustainable sole.

You Should avoid lifting very heavy objects. It is better to divide the load and move it in parts.

It is Strictly forbidden to self-medicate. Therapy should be carried out only after consultation with a specialist and under his close supervision.