Why there is pain in hip radiating to leg?

The Pain in the hip joint that radiates to the leg, a common phenomenon. It is a symptom of many diseases, greatly complicating the life of the patient.

pain in the hip joint

causes of pain

The Pain in the pelvic area painful. It is not easy to cure. The key to a full recovery is to provide complete rest to your hip area (until the disappearance of all symptoms). Usually to restrict the movement necessary for a few days or weeks. But in particularly difficult cases to save the mode you have several months or years, which means that for a sick person comes temporary loss of function or disability (if the motor capacity is lost).

To Determine the exact cause of pain is very difficult. The inflammation may be caused by local injury or disease and the pathological process in the abdominal cavity, lumbar spine, genitals.

The Most common causes of injuries in hip area and their consequences. It can be:

  • bruises
  • breaks
  • sprains
  • fractures.

Injuries in the fall is the cause of hip pain

A Simple injury can heal without medical assistance, but still better to seem to the trauma surgeon. Complex cases can be cured only by a doctor. Even if the patient knows that helps him in such cases, it cannot predict possible complications, which are often more dangerous than the original injury. When such damage is often a sore leg.

Treatment depends on how complicated the specific case. In some cases, surgical treatment is prescribed, the plaster on the leg, etc. But most of all the bed costs regime and the use of local funds. Very important to observe the immobility of legs: “rest” must not only the joints of the hip, knee, and feet. of Course, trauma is not the only cause of the pain.

All the causes of pain syndrome in this area can be divided into three:

  1. Injury.
  2. of the Disease and individual features of structure of pelvic region. This, for example, snapping hip, osteoarthritis of the hip joint, proximal syndrome, transient osteoporosis, etc. In such diseases, patients often complain of pain that radiates to the leg.
  3. diseases of other systems, which are manifested in the hip system: hernia, pubalgia, neuralgia.

Arthritis of the hip joint - pain

These challenges require a very deep, complex treatment. So get rid of the pain will be difficult. Physiotherapy, restorative drugs, therapeutic massage, physical training is a reliable assistant in the fight against the disease. In severe cases, prescribe surgery. After the surgery should the long recovery period that should include exercise, proper nutrition, doctor's supervision.

the Anatomy of the hip joint

The Hip joint consists of the femoral head and the acetabulum nameless bones of the pelvis. The head is covered with hyaline cartilage, which provides smooth sliding. The cavity includes not only the head but also a large portion of the femoral neck. It is the most powerful joint in the body. He daily faces enormous pressure. Therefore, lesions of the hip joint leading in the list of pathologies of the articular system.

With age, the risk of damage to the joint increases. Occurs thinning of cartilage, wear. This may result in inflammation of the internal surface of the joint (very painful condition). In this case the pain will not necessarily be felt in the joint. It may be hip and even the lower leg. But, as we have already noted, the pain may not be a symptom of joint disease. In some cases it is a pointer to problems of the lumbar spine. In addition to pain, the patient may complain of a decrease in joint mobility: it is impossible to Flex the thigh, to make the lateral movement. The wear of the cartilage is called osteoarthritis. It usually occurs after 50 years. The pain in this disease are sensitive to humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure.

Proper nutrition with hip pain

To Ignore the disease of the hip joint is impossible.

This can lead to shortening of one leg and, accordingly, claudication, fatigue, chronic pain.

The Pain in your hip can be and children. You can hear such complaints: sore left part of the pelvis, leg is numb. The most dangerous childhood diseases can be dysplasia, osteochondropathy, epiphysiolysis, femur fracture. In adults such lesions are dangerous occlusion, malignant neoplasms, infection. In this case complain of a limp and pain, fever.

The most common cause of hip pain is osteoarthritis of the sacral and lumbar spine. It can occur due togenetic predisposition, trauma, low activity, etc. The Disease has 4 stages. Best results are achieved with early treatment of the first two stages, so it is important to take care of yourself and time to go to the doctor. The most prominent symptom of osteoarthritis is pain. Patients also report difficulties in movement: tilt, swivel.

It is Difficult to be long in a sitting position. When you have symptoms you need to consult a neurologist. He will conduct a visual inspection to appreciate the position of the vertebrae and posture. Then assigned treatment. First of all eliminate the pain, then return to normal functioning of the nerve roots. In the future stop the process of destruction of the disk.