Why does it hurt in the joint of the big toe: causes, symptoms, treatment

Today, doctors classify the 5 most obvious reasons why a sore big toe joint on the foot.

the Problem of pain of the joints of the big toe

first Reason: injury or fracture

This factor may be the answer to the question of sudden and unexpected onset of pain. It often happens that the injury was received or the turning point, when the man himself didn't even notice. For example, in the gym or a fall from a bike. Outwardly, everything may look fine, but the internal tissues surrounding the joint, severely damaged, causing pain even when the person is in a state of complete rest.

To get Rid of pain with the injury by using cold (but 2-3 hours after the injury, this method is useless and can cause complications). If there was a blueness about a day, we urgently need to contact your nearest clinic or emergency room where the patient will take x-rays and name the exact cause of pain and its treatment. If you establish a strong bruise of a foot, will be imposed a tight bandage, and the patient can go home. When the fracture overlaps the gypsum, which need to wear 3 to 5 weeks, depending on how badly damaged the joint.

Arthritis of the big toe

Pain as a result of the development of arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that is characterized by inflammation of the joints or separate parts. TOOOhis disease is quite serious and, unfortunately, it has no treatment, but requires consistent maintenance of the body. Otherwise the disease can start to move across the foot and above, destroying even the bones of the knee.

If because of arthritis started to hurt one finger, then the other side will soon begin the same. This disease appears for many reasons: often it is hard physical labor, the small number of macro - and micronutrients that enter the body with food, the age (in recent years, arthritis occurs for those who just turned 40 years) and genetic predisposition to arthritis.

When the disease is already long eats bones and joints of the body, the pain becomes acute and almost unbearable. Even worse feeling when walking. Things have gone so far as to get rid of the pain with drugs is not possible, then you need urgent surgery. It is simple, but recovery is usually long and quite painful, as the pain in my feet will persist for some time.

Injections for arthritis of the big toe

In Addition to surgery, if the patient just had pain in the big toe, you need to apply more therapeutic treatment. It includes all sorts of ointments, pills and injections, specialist pick up strictly individually and applied courses. Also arthritis may be prescribed a course of physiotherapy, which will help to slow down the process of inflammation for the next few years to the moment when the disease will worsen.

Gout or gouty arthropathy

This disease is also very serious. In the twenty-first century gout have a cure, but to consult a specialist in this case, you need immediately, as there was a sharp pain in the area of the big toe joint feet.

Gouty arthritis can be described as follows: for violations in the body sometimes stagnates urea, often becoming just white crystals in powder form. The crystals that have nowhere to go – they start from all sides to do the joints and bones, moving gradually to the entire body. In joint bags around the joints, which they belong, with this arthritis accumulates a very large number of crystallized urea, corrosive tissue bone surfaces and making them brittle. Additionally, urea causes severe pain, nerve damaging periarticular endings, resulting in pain even stronger and more pronounced.


When gouty arthritis starts joint starts to deform and interfere with the normal movement of the foot. As in the case of arthritis common forms, the disease will start to develop from the feet, and will move higher, gradually destroying the whole organism and killing it.

The Treatment of arthritis is a bit different from what was described above: to it is added a course of drugs that will help get rid of crystallized urea in free form inside the tissues of the body. The causes of arthritis can be completely different: it all depends on what kind of pathological processes proceeded in the body of the patient to onset of illness.

Bursitis of the foot in advanced

Bursitis of the foot is a condition of the joint, in which there is an active inflammation of the joint capsule.

The Causes usuallymonotonous: strong tension joint in a long time. The pain in the joints of the toes appears very frequently in athletes, the legs of which are in constant tension in training and competitions.

The Pain in the joints of the toes because of bunions usually aching at first, causing no serious concerns, but, after some time, it intensifies and becomes strong, with cutting in nature. Walking tennis very hard. Appears swelling of the feet, which can go as high as where is the middle finger. Wearing tight shoes or shoes with high heel, this inflammation is completely contraindicated. If this ban is ignored, the consequences can be dire: from chronic bursitis to arthritis to incurable form.

Treatment of bursitis is chosen individually, it depends on the severity of the disease, its character and overall health of the patient. There are cases when it is necessary, as a last resort of treatment is surgery.

Valgus deformity of a joint

This disease is due to the fact that the bones of the lower limbs are not quite straight. That is, if the foot wheel, or, in contrast, are X-shaped. In the first case, the knees strongly disagree in part, and in the second, instead, converge.

due to the fact that the foot is constantly misbehaving, it begins to deform bone, which refers to the big toe joint. In the end there is a bump that has a very dense content and painful palpation (touching with fingers). If you do not take any measures to ensure that education on the bone did not grow, eventually you may need surgery to restore the shape of the foot (or feet, if there is a lesion on both legs) and pain will become so severe that it would be impossible to touch even before the middle finger.

This disease can be treated long enough and difficult. Selected treatment only osteologia, which will consider all characteristics of the organism. Usually includes massage therapy (by the way, it is quite painful); a course of antibiotics, preventing further inflammation, and physical therapy, which helps to fix the result of efforts in the fight against the disease.

Finally, we should say that to monitor their health is the responsibility of everyone, because even that pain in the joints of the toes, can cause very serious harm. The reality is, the cost and complexity of treatment always depends on how timely was the visit to the doctor.